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An inspiring source book showcasing Britain’s top emerging talents from a wide range of creative disciplines, 10 for 2010 is the premier title from Bread & Butter Publishing, a newly established print-on-demand publishing company founded by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Calum Ross. Divided into ten sections, 10 for 2010 contains biographies, full colour imagery plus Q & A sessions where the selected artists talk about their inspirations, aspirations and future projects.

What made you want to start up your own publishing company? Well, I’m a writer and a designer and I love both equally. I hate the thought of having to give up writing for a full-time design job and vice-versa. I needed to come up with a viable way of combining the two skill sets. By becoming an independent publisher, writing and designing my own books, I wouldn’t have to compromise. A lot of people think It’s a crazy idea. With the current economic climate, starting up a publishing venture might not be considered sensible. But I’ve got a strong knowledge of the way the industry is changing and I’m embracing the use of print-on-demand services, amazon and E-books.

Why “Bread & Butter” Publishing? I was asked ‘How do you intend on earning your bread and butter?’ and as publishing is how I intend on making a living, the phrase stuck in my mind. It was either that or Castoro Publishing, which comes from a personal joke between a friend and I but I wasn’t too keen on having a beaver as my logo so I stuck with Bread & Butter.

So you’re not obsessed with butter then? Oh god yes! I love it!

You’re not a Clover man? Well, that’s margarine isn’t it.

You’re right, my mistake. I heard that someone once did an experiment – some scientist somewhere – and they put a lump of margarine out in the sun for three days and it didn’t go mouldy or attract any flies because there’s literally zero nutritional value in it. Margarine is like a molecule away from being a pure plastic substance.

You know a lot about butter and margarine. It’s a very important subject.

Almost as important as the subject at hand – your premier book 10 for 2010! What’s it about? 10 for 2010 is a selection of interviews with ten up and coming creative talents from ten different disciplines who are destined for greatness this year.

That’s optimistic! How do you know they’re destined for great things? Well, you just need to see their work! There’s a ceramicist, fine artist, photographer, jeweler, weaver, contemporary craft designer, illustrator, video artist, sculptor and fashion designer. Each of them are fresh out of University and have already had some outstanding success: lots of press recognition, awards, high profile commissions, exhibitions, the works!

Any names in there who we may have already heard of? Annabel Johnson the ceramicist is huge right now. As we speak she’s exhibiting her work in New York. She’s had lots of positive press and has been compared to Grayson Perry which certainly isn’t a bad thing! Momoko Tamura the jewellery designer is also getting around a lot these days. Her work has been widely exhibited all across London.

How did you select the 10 artists? I had the pleasure of interviewing the majority of the featured artists for previously commissioned work and kept a close eye on their careers since that first point of contact. When I got the idea for 10 for 2010 I immediately knew which of the artists I’d spoken to before would be perfect subject matter and swiftly contacted them all. They were all incredibly helpful and I really appreciate the time they dedicated towards this project. I’m lucky to have chosen such co-operative and professional creatives!

What’s the aim of 10 for 2010? 10 for 2010 acts as a platform for the ten chosen creatives to have their work seen by a wider audience. It’s tough for graduate artists to gain the recognition they deserve and this book should hopefully draw more public interest towards their work. In addition, 10 for 2010 is a platform for myself and my own work too. Already I’ve had interest from other designers who are looking to collaborate on future publications which is really exciting! I want Bread & Butter to be more like a community than just a straight-forward publishing company. I intend on collaborating with lots of other emerging talents and would love to curate exhibitions too. The blog will also soon act as an e-zine to showcase featured artists.

When will it be released? 10 for 2010 is available to pre-order now on the bread & butter website and will soon be more widely available across the internet on lulu and amazon. I am hoping to get it stocked in ‘real’ shops and galleries too so fingers crossed!

10 for 2010 is available to order @

If you have any work which you would like to be featured in future publications or would like to collaborate on upcoming projects then contact

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