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At Amelias we get tons of emails every day from bands asking us to take a listen to them and see what we think. More often than not they’re pretty decent but not quite right for us to cover. However, when we heard Kiki Neon we knew that we’d stumbled onto something a little special. We got in touch with them and asked them a few questions.

Amelias. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, approved background etc?

Kiki Neon. We started writing these songs about a year ago, ask around a film idea that featured Kiki Neon.  The story is about a girl who runs away from home and travels north in search of adventure and experience.   She is chased by an over protective father who fears for her sanity.  On her way she encounters many great dangers but is protected by her innocence – she also finds love, in a way.

A. What influences you as a group?

KN. We like a lot of different kinds of music, it’s stuff with stories that inspires us most – we like Polarbear , Velvet Underground, The High Wire, Joe Gideon and the Shark, Jake Thackray, and Led Zep.

Kiki Neon 1

A. The songs and videos on your myspace page have a very homemade feel about them. Is that an aesthetic which is important to you as a musician, being able to control what you do?

KN. We are at that brilliant stage where we can do anything, which is really exciting, as long as it doesn’t cost too much!  Making films was always part of our aim.

A. How do you go about recording your songs, do the lyrics come first and then you write a song around it or is it more of an organic process?

KN. Each song comes out of a session.  We find a musical thing and get that going – driven by Albie who’s a multi instrumentalist – whilst one of us (usually Smed) scribbles away in the corner.  If he hasn’t come up with any words we like we usually leave him in the room while we make tea or something.  He likes watching football matches – sometimes we bribe him.

Kiki Neon 2
A. Other than your myspace page is there anywhere else people can hear your music?

KN. Not yet.  More places coming soon!

A. There don’t appear to be any upcoming live dates either, is playing gigs something that you’re not interested in or are you just taking a break at the moment?

KN.We have a little tester gig coming up in February, mostly for friends. If it goes okay we’ll do more. Fingers crossed.
Kiki Neon 3

A. It shows that you’re unsigned, is being on a label something that you’d eventually want to work towards?

KN. We would love someone to help us – when the time is right.  But we may have made the big film by then and Kiki Neon will be a household name!

You can see/hear more about Kiki Neon here and here

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