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Dent May

The summer festival season built to a crescendo for Dent May – Mississippi’s finest export since the eponymous mud pie – with Green Man and Bestival on his itinery. His last single release petered under the radar a little, sales so we thought here at Amelia’s Magazine that we’d give the underrated band a belated shout out. Released on the Animal Collective imprint, Paw Tracks, Howard is an ode to a man coming to terms with his new life after his band split up: ‘He’s been down since the band broke up, singing them songs got him all choked up’. Howard’s a victim of time, bless the ol’ codger. He’s grown up, gone bald and has to face life after the band, but at least he’s still got his show.

dent may2

An all-round showman, May has an uncanny ability to take bittersweet stories and turn them into shimmy inducing party pieces, Howard is the perfect example of this. His unique vocal style takes influence from a massively diverse ball pool –Prince, Serge Gainsbourg, and Lee Hazlewood to name a few. Once put to a background of his Magnificent Uke and some delicate Slide Guitar it’s just impossible not to fall in love with it.


Animal Collective spotted the charms of May and after one look at him applying chapstick in this retro DIY style video we can see why:

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