Amelia’s Magazine | Dan Mangan, the Travelling Band and This Frontier Needs Heroes

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Dan Mangan. The hype: “Dan’s songs brim with subtle images and irreverent wit. He has a knack for making what is quaint seem universal and what is universal quaint, so that even his most layered lyrics feel strangely familiar. His uniquely gravelled voice conveys a rare type of honesty, a gift that seems to transcend demographics.”

The Travelling Band: The hype: “Manchester's Travelling Band have it all going for them at the moment. Self-avowed resisters of the 'the man' in corporate rock label guise, these beardy, raggle taggle guys look like they've moved in to your local park in a horse-drawn caravan, and their called after a Creedence track. What's not to like? It's a jangly acoustic vibe that pervades, but to term them 'folk' (as so many other bands do at the moment, to escape the straitjacket of indiedom) is misleading.” (The BBC)

This Frontier Needs Heroes. The hype: “Listening to This Frontier Needs Heroes is like having Brad and Jessica play in your backyard while the sun comes up. They play intimate, striped down songs full of honest personal stories of love, loss and longing for a better world. Both poetic and rowdy, Brad and Jessica will make you laugh and cry with their raw powerful delivery and delicate harmonies” (

Tickets are £6