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BP Dead fish

Climate Camp has been quiet for some time now, but the time has come to make a noise in the best way possible…. by attending The World National Oil Companies Congress at Grange St Paul's Hotel, which is being held in London between the 21st – 24th June. You are invited to “debate and decide the future of the oil business . . . Don’t forget to pack your tuxedos and gowns. Fine wine, exquisite food and the company of some of the greatest minds in the energy business guarantee you fun and networking at the highest level.”

It seems that in the middle of the death and destruction sown by oil companies all over the world, the industry’s “greatest minds” are getting together to celebrate and plan further corporate domination of our world's precious finite resources.

Watch an inspirational youtube video here.

Delegates will be arriving on Monday evening, 21st June at the Hotel at 10 Godliman Street EC4V 5AJ: They “kick off with welcome drinks on a spectacular roof terrace overlooking St. Pauls Cathedral.” Climate Camp London will be meeting at 6pm outside BP sponsored Tate Modern on the South Bank, and you are encouraged to bring lots of things to make a noise. The Rhythms of Resistance samba band will be in attendance but feel free to bring your own things to bang.

The group will then move off over the bridge towards the conference venue, where, in co-ordination with ADIEYIEMANFO Movement of Positive Action Networks who are fighting oil exploitation in Ghana, a People's Court will be held at 7pm. Oil executives will be put on trial for:

* Wholesale wanton destruction by pollution, leaks, and flaring, of land and sea, fish and fowl, human lives and livelihoods, present and future
* Waging wars for oil
* Changing the climate to create an uninhabitable planet. And as oil runs out, pursuing ever more costly and dangerous deposits from the depths of the ocean or from tar sands, instead of developing clean, sustainable forms of energy.

Who will receive the much coveted Dead Fish Award? Come and help vote in favour of your favourite oil giant! Make sure they win! Bring banners, placards and puppets to support your favourite company, and invite all your friends via this listing and to this event on Facebook.

On Saturday 26th there will also be an accompanying Teach In, Survival and Resistance will be held at SOAS, Room G2 in the main building between 2-6pm. There will be films, presentations and live link ups with resistance of the oil companies in Canada, Ghana, Venezuela, Columbia, Nigeria and the Gulf of Mexico. There will also be space to discuss the Climate Camp against RBS in Scotland this summer and ideas for direct actions in London. It promises to be very interesting and a great chance to crib up on all the dreadful facts then think about all the positive things you can do to fight BIG OIL.