Amelia’s Magazine | Pre-LFW interview: Avsh Alom Gur

Amelia’s loves Avsh Alom Gur (see our previous coverage here and here) and we cannot wait to see what is instore for AW following the optical delight of SS10. Amelia’s spoke to Avsh Alom Gur with regards to the inspiration behind the designs and the development of the pending AW10 Collection.

Avsh Alom Gur SS10_1Images throughout courtesy of Avsh Alom Gur

What was your inspiration for the S/S 10 collection?
For SS10 my inspiration is a clean, seek cost modern silhouette, purchase built on simple lines and geometric shapes, challenged by the illusion of Op Art.

What was the first image, book, idea or feeling that came to mind as you started your design process?
The Rudi Gernreich Book (Big Series Art) by Peggy Moffitt


How would you describe your clothes?
“You can were it like this and you can wear it like that”. The garment should work for you and not the other way round, my garments fit everyone. I love one size.
I create garments for women that treat their wardrobes as though they are a curator of a gallery, expressing their own personalities.

Could you describe your creative progress?
For me it is always about a story, a fantasy, scenery or a backdrop. Once these are in place, they act as guidelines, which help me to curate and ‘cast’ the rest of my fantasy colours, materials and imaginary friends. Choose a story close your eyes and imagine what garments a young girl would wear.


What are your thoughts with regards to what we will be wearing come Autumn Winter?
Voluminous minimalism..

I and the readers of Amelia’s Magazine would be interested in hearing about the development in designs between seasons – what is your inspiration for Autumn Winter?
‘Less is more’.


You recently returned to designing under your own name after designing for the label Ossie Clark. What interested you in designing under a different brand and how is the return to designing under your own name? With regards to this question I am thinking about current students/recent graduates possibly weighing up the positive and negatives of designing under their own name compared to joining a company…
When creating the Avsh Alom Gur collections, I treat the creations as wearable art pieces that have no limitations and boundaries. When designing for others I take elements and the essence of my design philosophy and apply it to the Brands established aesthetics and needs.

What was your favourite item from the SS10 collection?
Crinkle organza wide-leg culottes, printed with op-art print in black and white (look 21).


What would your advice be to young designers with regards to appearing at London Fashion Week?
LFW is a great place for young emerging designers. There is quite a lot of opportunities in both, getting support and exposure while participating.

Whilst studying at CSM what drew you towards Womenswear?
My passion for womenswear started at birth.


What is the most enjoyable part of design?
I don’t believe I could do anything else. I am fortunate to be able to do what many people may describe as a hobby, and turn it into the main focus of my life while interacting with so many talented individuals

What is the Avsh Alom Gur aesthetic?
Avsh Alom Gur designs and creates unique collections that challenge glamour and our definition of beauty. My designs combine Eastern and Western elements with urban street graffiti and underground grunge to create timeless effortless shapes with generous use of fabrics.


What are your thoughts on contemporary fashion and the position of London Fashion Week within the fashion industry?
I wouldn’t know how to define contemporary fashion in words. Hopefully my collection defines it. London has been and still is one of the most creative cities in the world.

What informs your work?
I take inspiration from anything and everything from my daily vision! I can usually find something unique and beautiful in what others might think of as mess or dirt. I have found inspiration from the landscapes of urban London, from disposed packaging, empty drinks cans and other general litter found on the streets.

What is the most challenging aspect of design?
Paying the bills!

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