Amelia’s Magazine | Introducing a new luxury candle brand: Sandy Bay London

Sandy Bay London luxury candle by Rebecca Higgins
Blushing Rose Sandy Bay London luxury candle by Rebecca Higgins.

For sumptuous luxury candles at an affordable price look no further than Sandy Bay London, viagra sale hand poured right here in the UK. I caught up with Sandy Burns to find out what inspired her new collection.

Hi Sandy, check I hope you are well. I was just wondering if you could tell me a bit more about your background as an interior designer? How would you describe your style?
Hi Amelia, order I’m great thank you! Firstly, I don’t have a trained background as an interior decorator, but it has always been a huge passion of mine coming from noticing small details and working on small projects. I have tried to translate my style into my candles which is an attention to detail, with the black gloss candles especially my style can be quite sensual and sexy.

Sandy bay London Pomegranate Mini
Mini Pomegranate Rouge candles.

What inspires Sandy Bay London and in particular what inspires your fragrances?
Sandy Bay London was born from my passion for home interiors and accessories and just loving the small spoilings in life. I think about what works well and I think of a setting, a destination or an occasion which giving me a diverse mixture of ideas and moods to work with for my candles.

Sandy Bay London
What differentiates Sandy Bay candles from other luxury candles?
Sandy Bay London candles have a different appeal because I see it as personal luxury. They are scents with ingredients that aren’t just a pretty fragrance, it’s the fusion and careful placement of these ingredients that make people feel relaxed and warm but most of all feel at home.

Sandy-Bay-London by Joanne-Oatts
Sandy Bay London candles by Joanne Oatts.

I particularly like the High Gloss Black candles. How important is the presentation of a candle? 
It’s important that people like the look of Sandy Bay London as much as they like the scents and fragrances. Even when the candles are not lit they are going to be sat on a table or on a window sill, which is why presentation matters so much to me.  

sandy bay london Travel Set
Sandy Bay London Pomegranate Rouge Travel Set.

Where can interested customers buy Sandy Bay candles?
Currently they are only sold on my website, Sandy Bay London, but I’m hoping to branch out soon!

Sandy Bay London White Orchid
Sandy Bay London White Orchid.

Do you have any plans to expand the range and if so can you tell us what we can expect from it?
I have so many ideas, so many great things I want to try out! I have been working on a champagne scented candle for a while now and it is almost ready, which is going to be great for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and all kinds of celebrations. I am also looking into a gentlemen’s candle inspired by iconic images of the smoking jacket. As well as this I have a collaboration with Sarah Jones London to come up with a therapeutic range of candles since our products really complement each other.

So it’s a busy time for me right now!

Sandy Bay London Inspiring Spice
Sandy Bay London Inspiring Spice.

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