Amelia’s Magazine | Carrie-Ann Stein: Fashion Scout Ones to Watch, London Fashion Week A/W 2014 Catwalk Review

Carrie-Ann Stein A/W 2014 By Antonia Parker

Carrie-Ann Stein A/W 2014 by Antonia Parker.

Last September Lancashire born Carrie-Ann Stein took part in the Fashion Scout Graduate Showcase – this season she was back as one of the selected designers on the catwalk with Ones to Watch, showing a collection inspired by the shop fronts and bed and breakfast signage of the kind that you might expect to find in a run-down seaside town.

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-vacancies

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-green back

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-pencil skirt

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-clearance

Postcards from Blackpool was an eclectic and colourful collection, inspired by Carrie-Ann Stein’s fascination with working culture culture. Unusual textile combinations and print techniques were applied to a selection of skin-tight jersey separates and oversized coats which took the current trend for large shoulders to its extreme, with squared off edges punctuated by giant metal eyelets. This huge shape provided the ideal canvas for digitally printed reproductions of Blackpool’s finest signs and walls, as did panelled skirts, large holdalls and shoppers.

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-clearance holdall

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-culottes

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-hostel skirt

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-landlady skirt

In another nod to working class style the girls wore toppling topknots, jammy lips and ankle pop socks with their silver stilettos. The sleeker pieces, which included pencil and A-line skirts, wide legged culottes and relaxed sweater tops, were refreshingly wearable.

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-no ball games

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-shopper

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-Vacancies coat

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-zzz

Carrie-Ann Stein trained for three years in corporate law before deciding to pursue her true passion, going on to gain a BA from Central Saint Martins. It seems that Carrie’s decision to follow her dreams was a sensible one – I can’t wait to see how her unique vision develops over the years to come.

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-welcome suit

Carrie-Ann Stein AW 2014-portrait

All photography by Amelia Gregory.

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