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Snarfle Monkey by Sam Parr
Snarfle Monkey by Sam Parr.

Yesterday I finally registered the birth of my first child, a gorgeous little boy named Lucian Indigo whom I gave birth to 6 weeks ago. It’s taken me a good month to put thoughts to screen, and I’m still a little unsure of what I am going to say in this blog – and as those who know me will testify it’s not often that I am lost for words.

Snarfle Monkey and friends May 2012
This blog won’t become a baby centred place, but I feel I need to share his coming into my world because it has affected and will continue to affect how I can maintain this website – after all his needs come first and there are times when I just can’t work. In fact, as I have discovered, that’s quite often already… although I am getting adept at typing one handed as the little man breast feeds or kips between me and the computer on a pillow. And I am discovering a whole new world of baby stuff, some of which may make an appearance on here: for instance, illustrated reusable nappies?! Now that’s something I like.

Amelia & Lucian by Gilly Rochester
Amelia & Lucian by Gilly Rochester.

So briefly: Lucian Indigo, otherwise known as Snarfle Monkey, was born in the Royal London by emergency C-section – which was the exact opposite birth to the one I had hoped for. I had been booked into the Barkantine birth centre in the Docklands, but when my waters broke and then I didn’t go into labour that was out of the question. A day later (I stalled quite a bit, hoping to avoid induction) I found myself hooked up to a monitor in the hospital labour ward. Everything seemed fine for a few hours and I had almost convinced the doctor to let me go home when suddenly my baby’s heartbeat went haywire. Within half an hour (sign here!) I was in theatre having a spinal block whilst my partner looked as though he might faint: I personally think it was worse having the needle in my back. Just a few minutes later Snarfle was born, heaved out of my insides, checked over, cleaned and plonked on my chest. I was so drugged up that I barely registered they were still ferreting around in my stomach to stitch me up. All in all a long way from the natural Hypnobirthing water birth I had planned for.

Snarfle Monkey birth hospital April 2012
Snarfle Monkey by Karina Järv
Snarfle Monkey by Karina Järv.

Because of worries about infection, and then his weight, we ended up staying in the Royal London for 12 days. During which time I became just a bit too familiar with the post natal ward staff, not to mention the disgusting food (Jamie Oliver, do hospitals please!) It’s bad enough dealing with a newborn’s round the clock feeding requirements without constant interventions from well meaning doctors and nurses, usually just when I had managed to fall into some much needed sleep, but eventually we got out and started our somewhat belated life together in the outside world.

Snarfle Monkey and friends May 2012
Snarfle Monkey by Sarah Jayne Draws
Snarfle Monkey by Sarah Jayne Draws.

So here we are, Snarfle, father and me… adjusting to our new lives as a family. Unlike many other new mums I of course don’t have official maternity leave, and my baby is what is known as *high needs* meaning that he doesn’t sleep much and wants constant attention day and night, so we’re having fun working together as the PR requests keep rolling in.

Snarfle Monkey and friends May 2012
Snarfle by angela lamb
Snarfle by angela lamb
Snarfle by Angela Lamb.

Snarfle Monkey 23rd May 2012
I will be there for my boy whenever he needs me, but I love my work too so we’ll see how it all pans out. For now I am knackered but happy…

Snarfle_monkey by simon mclaren
Snarfle Monkey by Simon Mclaren.

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