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On Saturday, order buy Amelia’s Magazine will be attending a day devoted to a topic which is underpinning every aspect of all our lives entitled “ Economic and Environmental Recovery: from Downturn to Steady State. Creating a better world to recover from the credit crunch and the nature crunch”

The event is being held by Resurgence Magazine, Britain’s longest running environmental magazine, who regularly holds conferences, workshops and even summer camps. Speakers will include Resurgence Magazine Editor Satish Kumar who also teaches, lectures and runs workshops internationally on reverential ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity; Fritjof Capra, the founding Director of The Center for Ecoliteracy, in Berkeley, California and Ann Pettifor, economist and analyst of the global financial system and co-author of Green New Deal. With an ethos that Resurgence is about ‘both the Earth we all inhabit and the Earth each one of us inhabits’, they are deeply committed to building a society and economy, which is in balance with the planet, not outside it.


I spoke with Resurgence Magazine and asked what to expect from the events of the day.

“The three speakers will be talking about the economy that we should have, not the ridiculous one that we have at the moment. There will be a lot of solutions; we will not just be talking about the problems. The answer is not going to be found by going back to business as usual.

There is currently a divide between those who are dedicated to trading more goods and services, and making sure that the economy is constantly growing, and then there is the green response, which is that we live on a finite planet, and we simply can’t have an economy that grows every year. Our economy has to be stable within the limits of the planet that we live on. The amount of resources that we are using already for our lifestyle means that we would need three planets to support us! There is no moral, economic or cultural argument to having our society dedicated to producing more and more goods to service us and to keep our economy growing.


I am intrigued by part of the title – I hear the term ‘credit crunch’ a lot, but not ‘nature crunch’.

The nature crunch is more serious than the credit crunch. We can only live within the limits of our planet. We can only consume what the planet provides, not more, but we have a curious idea that we can. We have to bring our consumption levels into balance with what the planet actually has.

All illustrations by Sachiko

And everyone who attends will be able to take something away from the day; such as specific ideas/tips?

Absolutely, there will be tips and suggestions on how improve your economic situation, on one hand, what society ought to do and on the other hand what individuals ought to be doing and what they can do.

There seems to be a spiritual slant to the topic, am I correct in thinking this?

Yes, Resurgence Magazine has three key parts to it; ecology, art and beauty and spirituality. We always say that we need to live in reverence to the earth; it is not something to serve us, we need to be more respectful of it, and all the different elements of the planet. After all, we are just one of about three million different species!

To email places for this event, contact Peter Lang.


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