Amelia’s Magazine | Royal College of Art MA Degree Show 2011 Review: Communication Art and Design

Tom_Senior Nomads
Nomads by Tom Senior.

I will confess that I found the new location for Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art show somewhat difficult to navigate – all those nooks and crannies had me convinced that I must have missed something.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Tom Senior
Tom Senior‘s animation looked at the consequences of being greedy ‘Four travellers come to rest in a bountiful land where luscious red strawberries grow on trees and meat and fish are plentiful.’ I guess it’s a metaphor for inherent human greed. It was fun, I’m sorry I can’t show it to you here.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Peter Jessien Laugesen

Peter J. Laugesen produced an observational portrait of human alterations within nature that included a singing gnome. This was ‘wild life under control and the domesticated running wild.’

Jo Blaker
RCA MA degree show 2011-Jo Blaker
Jo Blaker in Communication Art & Design tackled illustrative ceramics as 3D Drawings, inspired by 17th century slipware. Symbols came from contemporary consumer culture.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Marine Duroselle
Marine Duroselle made a simple and beautiful card set alphabet using a risograph and letterpress.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Mike Redmond
RCA MA degree show 2011-Mike Redmond
Mike Redmond, who won the V&A student award, was hanging about near his Moving Towards Going Away Blueshift – Redshift. With titles such as 2. Hiding things we like and showing things we don’t. and 7. Angry country part 2 the museum is flooded and the bubble man is defeated, the escape plan is at hand it’s fair to say this was a fairly surreal final piece.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Cat Roissetter's The Violent Ordeals
Cat Roissetter‘s The Violent Ordeals in graphite and pastel was weirdly beautiful.

Eleanor Taylor RCA Land of Milk and Honey
Eleanor Taylor RCA Land of Milk and Honey
Eleanor Taylor’s Land of Milk and Honey – Detail.

Eleanor Taylor‘s Land of Milk and Honey was an astonishing pencil and photocopy collage.

And there ends my coverage of this year’s RCA MA shows. Don’t forget to check in and read the others if you haven’t already!

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