Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2011 Part Two: Designer Makers Show Review

New Designers show review 2011-Thread&Berry Martin Stephenson
There were loads of other goodies to discover at New Designers part two. Here’s what stood out from the furniture, visit web designer maker, pill product design section: From Northumbria University I loved Thread&Berry soft toys by Martin Stephenson (always sucker for a nice soft toy).

New Designers show review 2011-Toby Whitworth
There was an outstanding selection of wood based furniture design from the Building Crafts College. Makes me want to study how to make useful things with my hands again. Toby Whitworth created a beautiful curved laminated coffee table in zebrino and oak.

New Designers show review 2011-Raymond Coe
Raymond Coe‘s bold laminated coffee table came in ash.

New Designers show review 2011-Sofia Linden
And a more linear coffee table was designed by Sofia Linden. Wish I had money to fill my house with this kind of bespoke design.

New Designers show review 2011-Minsung Lee
At London Met a tilting double sided park bench took the name To-Gather, try by Minsung Lee.h.

New Designers show review 2011-Paul Butcher
The Really Tallboy by Paul Butcher was very eye catching, inlaid with a design that looked to be inspired by animal markings or paw prints.

New Designers show review 2011-JigamalsNew Designers show review 2011-Jigamals
From York St John University came Jigamals, made from plywood, leather, felt and cotton by Abby Collier and Ellie Hindby-Smith.

New Designers show review 2011-Hannastina Crick
Hannastina Crick is a designer and maker who has just graduated from the University of Brighton. I loved her donut shaped straw bench.

New Designers show review 2011-Miranda HolmsNew Designers show review 2011-Miranda Holms
Miranda Holms displayed an array of faceted pastel ceramic tulip vases and fab brightly coloured wall panels.

New Designers show review 2011-Samuel Sheard
Samuel Sheard, an MA graduate of Central Saint Martins, makes magnificent spikey patterned furniture.

New Designers show review 2011-
Students relax at the show!

There was loads of great stuff at Edinburgh College of Art: unfortunately who did what was not very clear. Here’s a selection, enjoy!

New Designers show review 2011-Edinburgh College of ArtNew Designers show review 2011-Edinburgh College of ArtNew Designers show review 2011-Edinburgh College of ArtNew Designers show review 2011-Edinburgh College of Art

Next up: Best from One Year On.

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