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Leona Baker is a creative force to be reckoned with, the brains behind the much loved (and missed) jewellery brand Lady Luck Rules OK, Thrift-ola and now the Lucky Dip Club, which curates beautiful limited edition pieces from herself and other designer makers. Every month the ‘themed’ Lucky Dip Club box sells out in hours and now she has teamed up with Folksy to showcase the work of 15 hand-picked designers in the special edition Folksy Does Lucky Dip Club Box. Each designer has made something brand new and never-before-seen for the 300 boxes, with each one featuring five handmade things plus a zine about the makers. Get ready because they go on sale at 7am on Friday 5th June and are bound to sell out fast. Leona explains more…

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Where did the idea for the Lucky Dip Club box come from and how long have you been making them?
In 2013, I was working as the head of marketing for a vintage company but I wanted to run my own business again. I thought about all my previous projects and how the lucky dip bags I had produced for my previous jewellery company had been super popular. I noticed small brands were still using the concept of the lucky dip but it was mostly to move on unsold stock so I thought it would be super fun to design and make brand new items for a lucky dip and to merge this idea with a subscription box business model. I felt immediately excited by the idea and couldn’t believe it didn’t already exist – so I launched my first 100 boxes with a vintage floral theme in May 2014 which sold out in 1 day.

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How did you set about collaborating with Folksy?
I believe in the art of collaboration & have worked with one independent illustrator or maker per box since the start of Lucky Dip Club. When Folksy got in touch I thought it would be wild to work with 15 makers on just one box – I love a challenge!

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How did you choose the designers who are featured in the box?
I searched through the roster of fantastic makers on the Folksy website looking for people with a similar positive ethos as Lucky Dip Club and products which embraced colour and the fun side of design. Folksy and I then set a brief for the designers to each create one brand new item with the theme Summer Fun.

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Can you share any sneak peeks of what might be inside?
We are working with a really exciting wide range of makers so the boxes will include a cornucopia of colourful screen prints, ceramics, jewellery and DIY kits.

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What have been the biggest logistical difficulties in putting the boxes together?
I’m a crazy person for planning and Camilla from Folksy is an ace communicator so there haven’t really been any logistical difficulties. The makers live all over the UK and we were sure to give them ample time to hand craft all their products for the box. It was great to have the opportunity to meet some of the makers who were based in London and generally I have felt really inspired working with such a wide range of designers.

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You always have so many projects on the go – how do you manage them all and can you share any upcoming ones we don’t yet know about?
I’ve just celebrated Lucky Dip Club’s first birthday which was a real milestone as we have broken through 1,000 monthly subscribers which is a really exciting achievement. So for year two I’d like to work on limited edition boxes that run alongside the monthly subs boxes much like this Folksy box and the next one will be with the Queen of desserts: The Meringue Girls. Except a rainbow explosion of jewellery, recipes & kitchen accessory magic.

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What should people do if they want to lay their hands on this new Folksy edition?
Set your alarms for 7am on Friday 5th June and go to the Lucky Dip Club website to buy one. We are only producing 300 boxes so I think they might go quite quickly. Hooray!

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