Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Art & Design Show 2013: Week Two Review

South Essex College Hullaboo degree show
Showing alongside Middlesex University a few other colleges put their wares on display for week two of the Free Range Shows.

Free Range shows 2013-south essex college rock
Graphic Designers at South Essex College knew how to win over visitors, with sticks of rock and a freezer full of specially branded ice cream, all emblazoned with a wonderful logo that also featured on their impressive poster. Making a good impression from the outset is always a good idea, with the bonus that it will help to draw visitors into an exhibition.

Phil Steed South Essex College Battle of the Bees
Phil Steed decided to tackle the Battle of the Bees using a variety of techniques, including screen printing and willow sculpture. His fascination with bees led to a collaboration with the British Beekeepers Association, and produced an eye-catching installation featuring a whole swarm of over-sized willow bees and a range of posters designed to build awareness about the multiple problems facing bees. I wish his website reflected the work that was on show at Free Range.

Free Range shows 2013-havering
There are always a few interesting students to be found at Havering College. Olesya Adamska used decorative typography with a touch of infographic styling to draw attention to environmental problems.

Free Range shows 2013-Thomas Lemon
Working in ceramics on the 3D Craft degree, Thomas Lemon investigated the incredibly common phenomenon of colour blindness by re-imagining common fruits and vegetables.

Free Range shows 2013-Jolene Tew
Free Range shows 2013-jolene tew
At Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts I was most impressed with diverse work by Jolene Tew on Graphics and Illustration. Alongside her bizarre fish head installation she showcased a beautiful arrangement of sketchbook pages filled with delicate illustrations: I wonder what all these ideas led to?

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