Amelia’s Magazine | Christmas Gift Ideas 2012: Best for Babies by Independent Designers

slugs and snails tights snarfle
This Christmas I find myself with child for the first time – there he is above – and so naturally thoughts have turned to gifts that babies of Snarfle‘s age (give or take) might like to receive. Maybe it’s cos I live in design central (aka east london) but I am also lucky enough to have met some amazing kidswear designers in the past few months. Some live near here, and others have been introduced to me via social media – either way, it’s time to share the goodness. And I can promise you there will be not a pastel pink or baby blue in sight.

slugs and snails tights
First up – the amazingly designed and very practical tights for boys by Slugs and Snails. Snarfle was kindly sent some pairs to test drive and he has been living in them. Not only do they keep him super cosy but they ensure he is as mobile as he can be just as he is learning to crawl, and they feature the best patterns… spiders and spooks and skulls ‘n’ crossbones.

mini magpie pom pom dungarees
Next up, I am incredibly taken by Mini Magpie upcycled garments, which are hand made in London from old jumpers sourced from markets, car boots and charity shops. Not only is this a super ethical and individual way to dress your child, but Mini Magpie designs are fab.

corby tindersticks Nut_E_Smith
When is a plush for an adult and when does it suit a child? *Muses* I guess the best appeal to both. This Corby Tindersticks pillow mate is a quizzical character with a tiny head and a huge belly.

Bryony Crane is an Amelia’s Magazine illustrator who has turned her hand to decorating baby clothes with cute dinosaurs. Get yours personalised too!

change and go baby changing mat
It’s a tad pricier than your basic models but this change and go baby mat from Two Red Trees doubles as a place to store baby essentials – and boasts a great design.

kyna boutique liandlo hansel and gretel
If you are looking for a one stop shop to find great clothing for little ones why not check out Kyna Boutique, which stocks loads of great labels and gives very clear sizing instructions too. I particularly love the Liandlo brand, which features really bright playful print designs: unfortunately I didn’t read the sizing instructions at all (dur) and so this fab Hansel & Gretel babygro awaits Snarfle. He’s growing so damn fast it won’t be long.

baberoo giraffe tights
I love a good patterned legging and so naturally Snarfle does too (until he’s old enough to decide otherwise at any rate). Kyna Boutique stocks these fab Baberoo tights, in a giraffe design: get in, they even feature a tail.

oh baby london been inside for 9 months babygro
Oh Baby London is based barely more than a stones throw away from where I live in Brick Lane, yet I passed by for many years and gave it barely a second glance. Now I realise how brilliant Hannah’s designs are: the classic Been Inside for 9 Months was a prized hand me down that looked especially good paired with a witch’s hat on Halloween… and they make great leggings too. Throughout December Oh Baby London is running a daily half price special.

oh baby london fair isle playsuit
And how much do I heart this Sarah Lund inspired Christmas onesie? Modelled here by Snarfle‘s friend Eddie.

little night owl giraffe, owl horse toy
A twitter friend recommended that I check out homemade soft toys by Little Night Owl, saying that they are simply beautifully made. Why not commission her, quick?!

amelia baby crochet blanket by Kate Selene
I have been hankering after a bright crochet granny blanket like the one available on Two Red Trees for some time. This design is fortuitously called Amelia, hand crocheted by Kate Selene.

ricecracker_plush toy noodoll
Now for another plush: Snarfle may well find he has a special Noodoll playmate not unlike this one in his Christmas stocking come December 25th. It’s super soft and ever so snuggly – perfect for a little one.

Lettie Belle_ahoy-there-play-felt-set
Lettie Belle works with recycled textiles and I love her creative play felt sets. A lovely alternative to the garish plastic toys available everywhere you look.

this is lullaby waistcoat baby gro check
Snarfle was 6 weeks old when my baby brother got married and I had no idea where to look for something smart. I wish I had known about This is Lullaby, where you can pick up a bespoke babygro with waistcoat for a great price.

ruff and huddle please thankyou t-shirt
Ruff & Huddle clothing is currently aimed at 2-7 year olds but I’ll slip it in here as Lucy Brice, the lovely lady behind it, is one of the Mothers Meeting crew, and she’s ace. Think mega cool illustrations – can’t wait to see how the brand develops.

The Bright Company slim jyms
The Bright Company is another new kidswear brand set up by one of the extended Mothers Meeting family. They specialise in super comfy jersey pyjamas – Slim Jyms – printed with the bespoke Linea Hexx print in eco friendly inks. Everything is made in the UK.

hokolo reindeer top
Hokolo does the cutest bodysuit & top with a snowflake reindeer design and a puffed up red nose detail.

Hokolo baby gift set christmas rattle babygro
I also love the quintessentially British Hokolo hand crocheted orb rattle.

Hedgehog lamp by white rabbit england
Looking for a quirky nightlight? How about this fab bone china Herbert the Hedgehog lamp from White Rabbit England?

the big forest felt toys
At Craft Central I fell in love with these felted creatures by The Big Forest – they can be hung on the door to your child’s room, and my what a talking point they would be. Especially the badger.

Madi Illustration Santa's little monster
Finally – news of a competition for the kids: Amelia’s Magazine contributor Madi Illustration invites you to show off your colouring in skills and be in with a chance to win one of her illustrated books: all the information can be found on this link.

I do hope that this Christmas you will check out the fantastic wares from these independent designers and shops. There’s more to come… hold tight cos it takes AGES to get these blogs together.

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