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All images courtesy of ‘Art is Proof’

My sense of direction is legendary. Legendary for being almost impressively abysmal. So when I go to Superette’s ‘All my best friend are’ exhibition on Thursday, sildenafil it didn’t take me long to get horribly lost. Despite my well crafted, order yet flawed map, I ended up pacing up and down Brick Lane like a fool before I spotted a gaggle of well dressed art student types strolling down a side street, that had somehow rendered itself invisible a few moments earlier. ‘A ha’ I thought ‘This looks promising.’ In retrospect it was pure luck that upon following them, I ended up at Superette, given that everyone in Brick Lane looks like a well dressed art student. Admittedly, after walking past a large car park, I did doubt as to whether I’d made the right judgement call, but then out the mists of East London, the low rumble of music and lights drew me to my destination, complete with the obligatory large crowd of smokers hovering outside. You come to learn after going to a few opening nights, that anywhere can be found by following the right looking people and looking for the smoking crowd. Tip: the right looking people can often mistake you for a mugger or a sex pest, so pretending to talk on the phone loudly about visiting an exhibition can usually put such doubts at ease. This invaluable advice aside, I happily wondered into the freshly decorated gallery to take in the sights and sounds.

One of my favourite artworks of the evening came courtesy of Francesca Williams, entitled ‘Corpsepaint’. Francesca is the brain behind ‘Wonder League’, which will be opening a pop up shop at Superette on the 28th of March for one day only. I love Corpsepaint because I’m very partial to pen and ink based illustration. That, and I’ve never quite moved beyond my obsession with The Crow, that lead to much of my teenage years being spent kicking around Cranford wearing a trench coat and pretending to be dead. So it’s refreshing to see it referenced in cool art work, as it vindicates said actions. ‘And they used to call me a demented weirdo! Whose laughing now?’

Leah Stewart’s illustrations are magical and stylish. There is something about the above polar bear illustration that reminds me of the atmosphere of ‘His Dark Materials’ before Chris Weitz came along and fucked it all up. Leah Stewart has previously displayed her collection of enchanted forests and owls at Topshop in Oxford Street.

William Exley, above, is another member of the ‘Art is Proof’ collective, displaying a collection of playful illustrations that have almost a graphic novel sentimentality to them.

By Mark Pavey

Transitioning from graphic novel references into Zines, Superette features a whole bunch of cool low-fi Zines from a collection of artists. I love Zine culture, and it’s always exciting to find new ones to add to my collection. Well priced, I’d definitely recommend a shopping spree whilst visiting Superette.

Superette is located at 66a Sclater Street (beyond the car park) just off Brick Lane (the Bethnal Green end) and for your googlemap lovin’, the postcode is E1 6HR.

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