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Flights of Helios Succubus Still Grace split
I’ve just hosted a toddler Halloween party and I could not for the life of me locate a suitable playlist for them to jump around to in skeleton costumes. However, I do have one great new song that suits the occasion: Succubus from Oxford based Flights of Helios is just the ticket this All Hallows’ Eve. ‘Succubus was inspired by folk myths from various traditions, and the kind of corrosive obsession that only leads to catastrophe.‘ Enjoy!

Fabulous video by Nicola Armitage.

Flights of Helios Succubus Still Chris Sea
The striking artwork for Succubus is based on an image produced from a synesthesiac system of mapping the sound frequencies of the track to the visible colours of the light spectrum by renowned physicist Ben Outram. Graphics formatted and typset by Greg Orrom Swan.

Succubus from Flights of Helios is released today.

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