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Coves and Caves present company
Following the success of our first collaboration on the Heart Explodes video (read more about this here), we asked Hull-based filmmaker Patrick Mateer to direct once again for Present Company. This time around, Patrick enlisted the help of another talented local filmmaker Josh Moore to co-direct, and brought together a group of local actors to bring the song to life. Hull Truck Theatre was the ideal location, as the clean lines and spare atmospherics of the performance space were a perfect backdrop to the video’s concept of a dreamlike mix of music and drama. We aimed for beautiful slow motion imagery interspersed with rapid cuts of improvised action, dance and our live band performance to enhance the textures and dynamics of the song.

Patrick explains: ‘The actors were asked to improvise scenarios built around the central themes of the song of staying together or being kept apart – or more simply, love or loss. Asking the scenarios to be improvised gave the shoot a real sense of immediacy. We wanted the actors to interpret the themes into scenarios that meant something to them. I think that’s a real strength of the video, as the shoot had a kinetic energy to it and we were able to capture this on film.’

Present Company is taken from Coves & Caves debut album Spinnerets – available to buy on CD and Digital Download here and at Piccadilly Records. Find a free download link to the song here.

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