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Hundreds Band by Florence Zealey
Hundreds by Florence Zealey.

This summer I fell in love with Aftermath, the new album from Hundreds, comprised of German sibling duo Eva and Phillip Milner. Aftermath is a soaring collection of songs that blend lush orchestrations with danceable beats, described as ‘the story of opening up and letting go, growing older, but also of refreshing naivety and unconditional utopia.’ If you buy one album this month make it Aftermath.

How did working together happen? Have you always worked together and do you ever disagree, and if so how do you resolve those disputes?
We are brother and sister, so we’ve known each other for quite a while :) We’ve been working together as Hundreds since 2008 and we are a very good team. If an argument or a fight happens, it has mostly something to do with decisions about the production of a song. The resolution is to discuss it.

An optimistic attitude pervades Aftermath: in what ways have your lives influenced the songs?
We feel more grown up since the first album was released. We both have found our roots and have a bigger self confidence as artists. We know what we are able to do and that our music found an audience. This makes us very happy.

Can you describe the process of creating this album?
We had to take a break after touring with the first album for quite a while (2 years). When the work on the second album started, we just moved our studio to the country side, close to Hamburg. We started with simple sketches based on piano and voice, then we separated and worked on our different parts. Philipp searched for sounds, I was looking for words. The producing and songwriting happens in our case at the same time, because we produce all on our own.

Hundreds by SimonMcLaren
Hundreds by Simon McLaren.

Were there any particular highlights to the writing or production process and if so what?
We worked on the album for over a year. A highlight was, when we sent our song Our Past, which was almost finished, to a German producer. When he sent it back in a new dress, we were so happy about the result. We struggled again and again before, because of the bassline and its simplicity. He found a way to make it bigger and awesome!

I believe you originally hail from Hamburg, where are you currently based?
I (Eva) am still living in Hamburg. I love this city. My brother moved to the countryside close to Hamburg, the area is called Wendland and it’s a beauty!

What is happening in the video for Our Past? And who stars in the video?
I will put here a quote by the director of the song, L.A. based Monica Sender. because she hits the point very well! The song moves you in such a bittersweet way, and somehow I knew it was profound, and simple: this past of mine that ‘will be found in a thousand years’; the bittersweet experience of the joy of now; childhood, and memories, and trauma that we all carry and pursue.
I wanted to tell a story with this song. For these boys, their past and futures are suspended in a magical moment of the present.They have their own story. But we all have our own, and we often look back, think, regret, consider what could have been different. Even at a moment of decision, fear and hesitation can be strong. Yet we take action, move forward, climb mountains, and move towards a future that is unknown. A future that is unknown but will one day become our past as well.

The two boy are great actors, who are also living in L.A. Their names are Jarrett Worley (the older one) and Charles Reisinger (the little one).

What next for Hundreds?
We have just played in Vilnius, Lithuania, and we are planning to play at CMJ in New York in October. We are really looking forward to this! Also, we start working on the next album, as soon as we can!

Aftermath by Hundreds is out now.

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