Amelia’s Magazine | Festival: Sunrise Off Grid

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sunrise off grid

Sunrise Off Grid will be the second event of the summer from the Sunrise Celebration team. After a stormingly (rather, incredibly sunny!) successful festival in June, Off Grid is set to focus in and really hone down on the values at the heart of Sunrise; how to be the change you wish to see in the world.

It's a place for community activists, transition-towners, green families, holistic practitioners, permaculturalists and anyone who wants to live a little more in tune with the planet. It's a place to gather ourselves and network with each other; to share our knowledge, skills and wisdom. Come and learn, play, relax and be inspired to live more fully in a world in transition.

sunrise kids

Off-Grid is a totally participatory, family-focused gathering bringing you a practical exploration of community living, sustainable practices and revolutionary ideas through talks, workshops, games and activities. Speakers include Mark Boyle talking about the Freeconomy, and Nick Rosen – author of How To Live Off Grid. Plus a great music line up in a big old barn. We especially recommend the beautiful sounds of Dan Arborise.

Off Grid is being held on Fernhill Farm on the beautiful Mendip Hills near Cheddar in Somerset, a place already kitted out with a permaculture garden and reed-water filtration system.

A place to learn, expand, explore and breathe a little deeper. All over a pint of organic cider with some fantastic music too.