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details on request

Details on Request are offering a series of workshops with intriguing titles such as How To Attract The Opposite Sex and How To Hold A Conversation. Sort of like the School of Life, this series of Seminars in Irrelevant Learning is where artistic practice meets lecturing.

Brought to you by a curatorial team of East London artists, the events emphasise the importance of the process over the outcome. The talks are either free or cost very little to attend, so why not pop along and find out what they're all about if you live in the area. What better way to set yourself up for the weekend?

How To Attract The Opposite Sex
Held by Kyle Advani & Justine Trail-Thomas

Thursday 5th August 2010, 7pm
Off Broadway,
63-65 Broadway Market
E8 4PH

Come and listen to tips on how to play the game and get the girl (or boy) you want. Kyle Advani and Justine Trail-Thomas will be giving a talk on how to attract the person you are after – when you should text them back, which compliments work the best and looking at the psychology of what attracts us to people (and how to fake that).

How To Hold A Conversation
Held by Glyn Read, Chairman of The Virtalis Group of Companies

Friday 6th August, 7pm
Tina, We Salute You,
47 King Henry's Walk, 
Dalston London 
N1 4NH

Using his experience in the business world, Glyn Read will be presenting a seminar in how to engage someone in conversation – this may be something you think that you know how to do but you have never been taught. Glyn's talk will break down the art of conversation into fail-safe rules so that you will never be lost for something to say again.

How We Are Attracted To Things
Held by Andrew Jeremy Houghton-Robinson, Creative Technician/Programmer

Saturday 7th August 2010, 7pm
Gossip Cafe,
62 Broadway Market, 
E8 4QJ

An intriguing talk about what it is that draws us to one thing and not another. This talk will appeal to all who are interested in the power of advertising and its use as a tool of manipulation. Andrew's talk will be an interactive and vibrant seminar using sound and video to argue his case.

Details on Request website.