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William Blake Songs of Innocence
The antiquarian bookseller Henry Sotheran offers a moment to reflect on the work of the enigmatic British artist William Blake, in an exhibition of rare books and prints.

William Blake show
The maverick William Blake (1757-1827), engraver, poet, painter, and visionary, was the creator of a complete mythology that is expressed most perfectly in the poetry and imagery contained within his illuminated books: Jerusalem, Visions of the Daughters of Albion, The Book of Thel, The Book of Los, Milton, and Songs of Innocence and Experience.

William Blake
William Blake crucifixion
Despite his compelling imagination, the tour de force that is Blake late in life faded into obscurity with few remaining patrons. Thankfully, his contemporary audience offer a receptive zeitgeist that propagates a dignified position for unconventional persons in the art historical canon. The illustrated books, numerous engraved contributions to the publications of others, along with the exceptional watercolours and paintings bear witness to a volatile, creative genius. The study of the very few printed illuminated books was for many years the preserve of a small circle of scholars and historians. However, in the last sixty years, due in large part to landmark exhibitions and the publishing endeavours of the Trianon Press, Blake’s extraordinary world has been made available to a much wider audience.

Private View: 16th Ocotber, RSVP Roisin O'Connor:
Opening Times: Monday – Friday 9.30am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm