Amelia’s Magazine | Peek: Arts University Bournemouth MA Illustration London Show 2014

Category: Art

Rambha is Avenged by Sharanya Kunnath.

Peek is an Illustration show put together by the 2014 MA Illustration students from Arts University Bournemouth. The show features the work of 7 different artists, with each artist hailing from a different place. Each student came to the course with different skill sets, which have evolved and changed over the year, in some cases quite radically. Peek is a means of celebrating and showcasing what has been achieved during the time in Bournemouth, both in terms of work produced and skills developed. The participating artists are Donna Jean Peters (America), Loren LeBlanc (America), Maria Naydenova (Russia), Marta Vives Poch (Spain), Sharanya Kunnath (India), Tori (Saudi Arabia) and Yvonne Lee (United Kingdom). The work displayed is as diverse as the places the artists come from, with paper cutting, 3D sculpting and printing, digital illustration, screenprinting, alongside other forms of traditional illustration such as ink and watercolour. The differences bring about an exciting juxtaposition between the various visual styles and mediums, highlighting the sheer range and scope of contemporary illustation.

Sharanya Kunnath's work centres around spirituality. Her MA project is an illustrated retelling of Mahishasura Mardini, the story of the Hindu Goddess Durga. The story centres around the battle between good and evil as a metaphor for the battle between the higher self and the unsettled mind, and the unfortunate end that comes to a man who underestimates women.

The premise of Loren LeBlanc's work is “Discover what illustration could be, not what it has been.” His experimental digital illustration project, Explorenart, is an impassioned investigation into the visual potential of digital sculpture as a medium. Fusing various state-of-the-art digital techniques including 3D modeling, compositing and databending, he has produced an innovative body of work; equal parts nostalgic and fresh, resonating vibrantly with the eyes of the digital age.

Bird Cubes by Donna Jean Peters.

Donna Peters' work focuses on birds. She has become a Twitcher, or bird watcher. After researching and observing birds extensively, she decided to use them in a visual way creating a narrative consisting of British birds, ultimately recreating her observations of these feathered creatures through the medium of print.

City Crocus by Yvonne Lee.

Yvonne Lee loves the surreal and creating mini narratives in her images for people to find. Drawing underpins all the work so she can produce it in different mediums and apply it to different products. She has recently been selected for an Honourable Mention in the international 3×3 Illustration Annual No.11, 2014 Student Show competition.

Praeter Ipsum by Maria Naydenova.

Maria Naydenova is an illustrator and graphic designer. Her latest project is about parallel, surreal, psychedelic worlds which actually exist inside our brains, tangible only when we sleep. Dreams are our guides to these worlds; they are our ways to escape from reality. While subconsciously traveling, our true nature, our blocked thoughts and unrealized desires may come to light via strange creatures and ridiculous situations.

The Axolotl by Marta Vives Poch.

Marta Vives is an Illustrator, Fine Artist and Concept Art Designer. At Peek, she showcases Cave. The Art-Book, part of an on-going project, which will continue as a textless graphic novel. The psychology-heavy story centres around a girl trapped in a cave with no motivations or memories. An Axolotl is her only friend, whose lead she follows unquestioningly, until a bat flies in, bringing with it proof of a world outside the cave.

Leopards Blending into their Surroundings by Tori.

Tori is a freelance illustrator with a background in Graphic Design. The stories she tells are influenced by her life and daily encounters. At the moment, she is experimenting with papercuts and paper sculptures in an attempt to explore different methods in which she can illustrate the same image or sketch.

Dates & Opening Times: Friday, 3rd October: 10 AM – 7 PM, Saturday, 4th October: 10 AM – 7PM, Sunday, 5th October: 10 AM – 12 noon