Amelia’s Magazine | William Tempest A/W 09

It was only a few seasons ago that the Vauxhall Fashion Scout welcomed newcomer and rising talent, Christopher Kane…and now it seems, fresh London College of Fashion graduate, William Tempest is taking his place and following in his footsteps at alarming fashion speed. He has designed pieces for Madonna, while Cheryl Cole has recently been spotted in his apparel.
Hype and excitement regarding his newest collection was ubiquitous; the audience in itself seemed an expression of this, anticipation struck all sorts of famous faces including that of Hilary Alexander, Fashion Editor at The Telegraph, a handful of Vogue editors, Colin McDowell and the lovely Emma Watson, who has been seen to be wearing custom-made Tempest dresses.



Structure was crucial and all of Tempest’s designs revolved around this concept, creating a fierce yet not intimidating series of architectural silhouettes. We saw strapless dresses, with tight bodices that then dramatically billowed downwards after the waistline. Fitted blazers splashed with an array of bright colours were paired with simple, straight-legged black trousers.
William Tempest seemed particularly keen on a strange yet highly original print- it was used in regular doses throughout the collection and provided an antithesis to his otherwise calmer, more subdued pieces. While difficult to describe, it was a print that seem to lie between the realms of tye-dye and acid wash, while maintaining a modern artistic vibe. It was a contemporary take on an eighties print and resembled sporadic, faded paint splatters.

Highlights included the large, structured knee-length coats, whose exaggerated and stiff standing lapels and collars seemed to defy gravity in itself. Furthermore, the “lava dresses” with their tight bodices and layered, puffy floor length skirts looked lavishly other-wordly.
Shoes were understated, accessories were non-existent, instead Tempest encouraged us to concentrate on his clothes. The show was the closest to artistic expression that I have seen yet, and when the music stopped and people started to leave, I noticed Emma Watson scurry backstage…probably to greet Tempest himself…and I couldn’t help but to want to run after her and congratulate him too.

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