Amelia’s Magazine | Someoneâ

This is not the stereotypical magazine you may have expected in modern times. I was a bit puzzled when I initially saw this magazine, but this didn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Someone’s Garden Magazine is not bound as a normal book, and all the pages are produced as folded A2 size sheets of paper that require to be opened up into individual posters to actually read the article. Maybe not that easy to read on the packed tube, but it can be folded into a neat little package, which instantly becomes very portable. You just pick the article that you want to read on the day and you can carry it around everywhere. I am personally annoyed with the fact that magazines nowadays are so thick, making them impossible to fit into my bag, not to mention rather heavy. The magazine features fashion, music to art, and features are not all based on Japan; it covers news all over the world. The articles are poetic, as well as sensitive I thought, and I like the fact that they are very underground. The goods keep coming as the back of each article transforms into a poster so you can put the page on your wall after you read the article. It’s reusable and collectable. I visited their website as well, and I must say it was rather fun. Note to self though, you need to have a good and fast Internet connection to see and play with the website proficiently. Unfortunately I don’t have fast connection so it was a bit irritating, but I could see that the website could be really fun, and very clever! The magazine is available from R.D Frank and Magma in London.

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