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Gareth Pugh has always been certain of his vision, sildenafil approved and with this collection he stayed true to his strong aesthetic whilst making it just a tiny bit more wearable (but still mental enough to cut a vicious silhouette).
The show began an impressive 90 minutes late. But everything from the venue to the atmosphere and the champagne sponsorship was perfect. Once the Moet begins to flow, medicine time delays are easy to forgive.


The spectacle began with electrical storm sound effects and the Wizard of Oz‘s Wicked Witch of the West screaming “I’ll get you my pretty”. Then came the under-rated stomping classic Killer by Seal.
The models, side effects including Coco Rocha and Agyness Deyn, had their features blotted into obscurity by white make-up. Their lips and eyes were painted blue, further accentuating the look of deathly pallor. It was like seeing a Fashion Week re-make of Dawn of the Dead. Agyness and co were armoured in corrugated rubber designs and walked down the runway in magic no-heel shoes from the hotly tipped shoemaker Nicholas Kirkwood. This gave the models a predator-like presence as they stalked along. If I had those shoes on I wouldn’t have been walking anywhere but towards a broken ankle. Goat hair added texture to the dark palette of the garments. It featured on the dresses, coats and oven-mitt gloves (see below). Making the perfect gift for any decadent housewife out there. Meanwhile, a dress made entirely of safety pins managed to look both threatening and visually arresting.


Champagne glasses were smashed everywhere as the audience took to their feet with a standing ovation as the models did their final walk out to Gary Glitter ‘I’m the leader of the gang’. You’ve got to love unchecked arrogance. And I so want to be in Gareth’s gang…

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