Amelia’s Magazine | London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2010 Review: Charles Anastase

Charles Anastase Illustration courtesy of Valerie Pezeron

The clothes ranged from 70′s carpet chic to the aristocratic; the languid lazy glamour was completed by Linda Farrow sunglasses and hair more usually found in post revolutionary France.

CH drawing

Illustration courtesy of Elizabeth Johnson

The collection consisted of full trousers and skirts of a decent length enhancing a sense of mature femininity. It was a relief to see a designer shy away from super tight, there super short clothes made out of expensive lycra and return to a sophisticated idiosyncratic sense of style,  a pared down version more usually  seen on a Margaret Howell runway or the actress Diane Keaton. Looking back now the presentation of models at the end of the show could easily have been extra’s in the Grey Gardens Documentary.

Charles Anastase 1
Charles Anastase4

Whilst watching the show, I battered aside thoughts of The Road’s beleaguered souls. Until the arrival of a single painted face, stared disconcertingly from behind a framed of soft romantic hair, taffata and the block colours of the thick thick Anastase layers. Nestled within the head scarf the model’s face summered images of the cults avoided in desperation in the desolated world of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

Charles Anastase 5 It is interesting to see how designers portray thoughts and fears from the current media environment. Last season saw Bernard Chandran, James Long and Katie Eary present their visions of what clothes to be worn in a dystopic future. Whilst harder than Anastase, a sense of fear of the unknown remains within all four of these exploratory collections.

Photographs by Elizabeth Johnson

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