Amelia’s Magazine | ‘Who gives a folk?’-Time Out Battle Satellites 2008

A revival of folk music in recent years has caused many to cast off their former preconceptions of it being a little bit twee. It is still yet to be seen as to whether this new lease of life will have a positive or a negative effect on folk music. Will it change the face of folk forever and cause the genre to lose its defining heritage. Or will the new sides of folk work alongside the older forms, recipe web increasing it’s following.

Folk musician Barb Jungr is due to speak at the event
Photo: Steve Ullathorne

All these points and more are due to be discussed at Who gives a folk?, ailment an event which aims to find out who really does give a folk about folk in the 21st century. Taking part in the discussion will be the legendary singer Barb Jungr, buy the Daily Telegraph music critic Ivan Hewett, Time Out music editor Eddy Lawrence, together with the music journalist Neil Davenport, music student Cara Bleiman, folk enthusiasts Don Eales and Abdul Rehman-Malik in discussion with the Institute of Ideas and Guardian arts
blog’s Shirley Dent.

The event is due to take place at Vibe Live, 91-95 Brick Lane on 29th July between 7 – 9 pm. Be sure to get their early to defend world music in its most British of forms.

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