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Chose What you Read.

Bbrrrrrrrr! Unprecedented weather conditions (woohoo!) have meant the tubes are all pretty much shut today so unfortunately this may disrupt plans for this fantastic scheme. Never the less this is a brilliant idea and it will be ongoing so keep your eyes peeled every first monday of the month. The idea is to offer second hand books to commuters instead of all those free papers of which only a small portion ever get recycled.
A book however never gets thrown away. Read it and pass it on. The people organizing this will act as the go-between handing out books between 5pm and 7pm today. Once you have finished with your read you must drop it off at the designated points and they will do their best to pass it on to the next tube traveller. And no paper is dumped!

Find out more on their Facebook Page.

5pm-7pm. Liverpool Street, Waterloo, Westminster, Euston, Paddington stations.

Saturday 7th February

‘Securing our Survival.’ Talk by veteran peace campaigner Bruce Kent.

Housemans Bookshop on Calendonian Road is a nugget of tranquility in the pacifist sense. Since 1945 it has been London’s leading purveyor of radical literature spanning all campaigning issues and increasingly more environmental activist books, magazines and journals.
This evening Bruce Kent will be presenting a paper discussing the wider politics of nuclear proliferation in conjunction with ICAN. (International Campaign to abolish Nuclear Weapons).

5pm. Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London,N1 9DX

Sunday 8th February

‘One Drop’

A day of holistic therapies, workshops, art exhibitions, yummy organic vegan food and live music from folk hunk Johnny Flynn.

10am-10pm. Plough Studios, 9 Park Hill, Clapham Common SW4 9NS’

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