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Tent London is a ‘creative hub’ of new designers presenting fresh product ideas. Housed in the Truman Brewery, providing a great location for such an event, this annual exhibition showcases established designers alongside new ones.

Here are Amelia’s Magazine’s top ten finds at the event…

1. Troy Abbott’s Nano Cage
Want a pet budgie, but have concerns over mess or mortality? Then look no further than this – a brass bird cage with a video projection of a feathered friend inside. Look through the glass magnifier and he’s there, tweeting away. Guiltless fun!


2. Zoe Murphy’s Recycled Furniture
Zoe Murphy, a Margate resident with a passion for vintage furniture, works her magic on re-salvaged mid-20th century pieces. Each one features delicate and beautifully painted illustrations, inspired by her home town and the 1950s – the glory days of the seaside. She also dabbles in textiles, too!


3. Voronoi Fluids by Seeper
Seeper is an arts and technology collective who create digitally-enabled art and design installations. Not one for the lounge, but this huge spherical structure with a tactile surface projects light patterns which interact with the user’s hand. When users touch the surface, the light changes accordingly, providing beautiful, organic shapes and patterns.


4. James Plumb’s curious assemblages
James Russell and Hannah Plumb, better known as James Plumb, are two artists who create curious works using vintage antiques which have been discarded. They fuse together forgotten antiquities to make innovative, interesting and unique artworks.


5. Lights and Shadows by WOW
WOW is an international design studio involved in installation works across the globe. At Tent they presented Lights and Shadows, a large-scale video-installation which makes use of the latest technology, presenting one film via three projectors. The result – which makes use of footage of Tokyo nightscapes – is a powerful and consuming piece which allows the viewer to be at the centre of the action.


6. Stuart Forsyth’s KeepCup
KeepCup is an Australian product with reduce, re-use, recycle at the heart of its ethos. Essentially a re-usable coffee cup, this lovable-looking item boasts ergonomic design and bright, customisable colours. Better still, it makes re-use plain and simple.


7. The Wattson by DIY KYOTO
The Wattson is a brand new product which looks a bit like an alarm clock, but is actually a device to record how much electricity your home is using. It claims to reduce your utility bills by 25%, helping you reduce your emissions in the process, obviously. Its sleek design is unlike similar products, it uses very little electricity itself, and it’s 100% recyclable. There’s also an online community who share energy saving hints and tips!


8. Hundreds Tens Unit’s Wall Clock
Picked for it’s elegant and aesthetic design, this piece stood out because it was so simple amongst a hell of a lot of over-designed products. Less is more with these simple, sleek timepieces.


9. Esther Coomb’s Illustrated fancies
Esther coombs rescues delicate and ornate china from charity shops and customizes each piece by hand with ceramic ink. The result are quaint and cute little treasures.


10. London Timepiece
London Timepiece is a one-man-band who lovingly restore vintage industrial and traditional clocks. Sourced in Britain and Eastern Bloc countries, each timepiece is considered unique. The industrial clocks, particularly, are excellent examples of designs past, with each piece telling a story as much as it does the time.


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