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Robin- Clare
Image by Robin Clare.

Artists and art enthusiasts, order listen up! Organart is kicking off an exciting new venture. The alternative creative collective responsible for Organ Magazine, cialis 40mg a Resonance FM radio show and, have taken over café/venue Patrick’s Harvist Gallery Space located in Kensal Green (London NW10). In doing so, they launch their first event, Patrick’s Harvist Art Fair. This showcase will feature the work of eleven selected artists, which will be available to purchase at reasonable prices for those in the market for original and innovative pieces. Check out the live bands and DJs, peruse the art – get inspired and get involved in this London Art Community project. Affordably priced art fairs, ‘pay what you want’ art shows, 100 paintings priced at 100 pounds, rotated throughout a ten day period – it’s all happening. And, the Patrick’s Harvist Art Fair is just the beginning. A whirlwind of plans are in the works for the near future.

Behind this cool collaboration is artist, music/art writer, Resonance FM DJ: Sean Worrall. We asked Sean to give Amelia’s Magazine the scoop on the first Patrick’s Harvist Art Fair.

What inspired Organart to take over Patrick’s Harvist Gallery Space?
I went in there [Patrick’s Harvist] to hire the gallery space to put on a couple of art shows. I wanted to put on a solo show over here in West London, and we had been pulling the idea of an artist collective together. We’d heard about the new space and there’s a lack of exciting art around the Kensal Rise/Queens Park area of London. We’re not the kind of people to just moan about something without doing something about it. Turned out Patrick really needed some help. He knew of Organ and Resonance FM (we have a weekly show on the station) so one thing took us to another. Patrick was so busy with his cafe and his Jazz nights, plus everything else that goes on, that he asked us to run the art space for him. As an artist working in London, I’m rather fed up with the way we’re all treated by (most of) the galleries in this city. It feels like we’re seen as nothing but cash cows. I wanted to work with a space that treats artists a little better and Patrick has the same idea. We want to create a place that’s exciting for both artists and those who like to come out and experience art. Organ, in all the different ways it has existed over the years, has always been about creating and getting involved, doing it ourselves.

Image by Maria Slovakova.

Four days of good music, affordable art, and events sounds pretty great! How did the idea for the first Patrick’s Harvist Art Fair come to be?
We wanted something that would excite people around here. There’s no art in Kensal Rise. We wanted a strong event to start things off; a group of exciting artists that would make people around here sit up, take note and come out. We want the walls covered with a wide range of good looking vibrant cutting edge art. The art fair just came together naturally. I’ve been involved in things like the Brick Lane Art Car boot fair and such in the past. I like busy vibrant events.

Why was it chosen to be the first event at the gallery space?
It seemed like an exciting way to start rather than with someone’s solo show. You get a buzz working with other artists, from throwing ideas around to seeing how others see and do things. Artists always feed off each other. I was trying to pull a collective of artists together before I found the space so this is that idea evolving.

What has the process been like to make the concept come into reality?
We have lots of experience – me, personally as an artist and as part of the Organ team. We think we must have put on something like a thousand music events in London over the last twenty plus years of Organgrinding. Until now I’ve really kept the two worlds apart: my Organ hat and my paint throwing hat hang on very different hooks. Putting both hats on at the same time made the process flow in a rather easy way – or so far it has been rather easy. Everyone has come together well and are pulling it together in the right spirit. The Patrick’s Harvist people are great. All the artists are calling up with ideas and coming together- flyering, sharing information and making suggestions. We deliberately chose people who seemed to get out there and get things done. We said we were looking for pro-active artists: exciting vibrant artists who were ready to put some effort in to the event.

Image by Sean Worrall.

The eleven artists being displayed at the Gallery are all so unique to one another, offering a variety of artistic styles to suit varied personal tastes. How did the selection process work for choosing the artists shown at the gallery?
In terms of their art, it was simply a case of things that excited me. When we put the word out, lots of people got in touch. These were the people whose work (and attitude) most excited us. Some of the artists are relatively well known. Some like Joo-Hee Chun are new to London. I really love Joo-Hee’s work and can’t wait to see her new pieces in the flesh. I can’t wait to see everybody’s work all together in one space. I just want the gallery to be alive with exciting vibrant art. Good art is just good art. It isn’t really about styles for me. A good artist will have their own style. I have no idea where my art fits, I kind of like that…

Joo-Hee Chun
Image by Joo-Hee Chun.

What events can we expect to see in the space in the future?
Straight after the fair we have my own ten day solo show – “Sean Worrall – Paintings” – the opening night is the 17th of June. I really want to show my new work – bigger pieces that won’t be in the art fair. Even though this will be a solo show, we want to do it a little differently. We figured if bands can have support bands then why can’t artists do the same at their solo shows? Why doesn’t that happen all the time? So I shall take seven of the eight walls and Maria Slovakova will be the “special guest” and put her new paintings on the eighth wall. Maria will also perform her spoken word poetry on the opening night in the cafe area upstairs. She’ll perform with a cello player and a keyboard player.

The fair is open this Friday 11th June, Saturday 12th June: 10am-10pm and Sunday 13th June: 10am-6pm

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