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The Terminator 2 changed my life. Not for the best. I was only three mind when I saw it, and from that moment on, I became what is known as a ‘survivalist’. A survivalist is one of this weirdos who builds nuclear bunkers in their basements and learns how to skin animals in case the apocalypse should ever happen. Which it will, and most likely at the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger, although David Cameron is looking to be a weedier, but perhaps more sinister contender at present. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is; the world is doomed. Stockpile tinned goods. That, and in accordance with this sentiment, Proud Central Gallery recently invited Stuart Tolley, of graphic design film Transmission to curate a show which dealt with the topic of life in 2050. Unfortunately that show has come to an end, but listed below are some of the highlights from this remarkable exhibition that will reoccur next year to tie in with the Sci-Fi Film Festival.

Dan McPharlin‘s take on 2050 is quite similar to mine. A cracked dry desert, men on horses and the BT tower still somehow standing. McPharlin states that his picture represents a world scorched by ecological disaster and possibly war.

Daniel K Sparkes’ piece, in my opinion, represents how land might be shaped strangely in our future years, perhaps with little mole people burrowing beneath the surface like termites. But this isn’t what it is. It’s explained much better in Daniel’s own words. “This totemic idol is serves as an apocalyptic memorial to the great earth cracking of 2044, and the following scuttling and looting of seven of the twelve inhabited arks. Depicting one of the numerous ‘Mother Sky’ cloud shapes that appeared simultaneously in the skies around the earth above the tectonic leaks, heralding astral seepage then doom. This piece is sold a potent visual souvenir for the eyes of the survivors.”

Emiliano Granado‘s photograph pretty much sums up what I’ll be looking like when the apocalypse comes. Facial hair and all. In Granado’s vision of the future, humanity will be reduced back to the hunters and gatherers of times of old, and we’ll be rocking Davey Crocket hats and guns. In a strange way, I’m now somewhat excited about the prospect of armageddon.

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