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Looking at the work of Lucia Pang will no doubt bring you to the conclusion that this photographer has an incredible eye and talent. When I tell you in earnest, this that she is a mere fifteen years old, you might spit up your tea upon the screen and sit with your mouth agape for five minutes or so. That’s what I did.

Trying to remember what I was doing at 15 didn’t produce much, so I can assume I was producing nothing of importance aside from a colourful disciplinary record at school on account of my aptitude for building bombs out of the Science cupboard supplies. Lucia Pang, however, who was born and lives in Australia is fast producing a portfolio of work that could rival her older and professional contemporaries. It’s pretty exciting to think what this girl is going to be doing in ten years time.

But perhaps what makes these photographs so remarkable is her youth. Girls floating in rivers, dancing in the sunlight and playing in the forest authentically captures the spirit of being a young teenager, enamoured with the simple pleasures of life. Which isn’t meant at all to be patronising, fashion photographers are constantly on a quest to capture the abundance of youth and failing for the inherent lack of authenticity in their work, whereas for Lucia Pang, none of her photographs appear to be contrived or pre-meditated. The scenes unfold organically. Technically, the work is flawless which is all down to a prodigal talent on behalf of the photographer.

“I grew in Australia in a beautiful environment and I was surrounded by inspiring scenery. Come to think of it, I’m quite lucky to have places that will satisfy my photographic thirst.” Lucia tells me by email. “I loved the idea of art when I was younger. I like the fact that you could express any emotion without the use of words and that interested me. I’ve had a camera around my neck for a while before I got into photography seriously.”

For someone who is already so proficient, what does Pang want to do next? “In the future, I want to inspire lots and lots of people to do what they love. I want them to hopefully turn to my photographs and think they can achieve their dreams too. I want to shoot for various labels and companies but I’m still young. I dream a lot. Right now, I’m just enjoying what I do.”

Lucia’s website can be found here

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