Amelia’s Magazine | Edinburgh Fringe: The Murder Monologues

The Monologue: It’s one of the toughest kinds of theatre to get right, more about symptoms but fortunately for all of those lucky enough to be at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, visit this information pills the writers and actors of The Murder Monologues have pulled it off spectacularly.


Made up of two short plays, the Murder Monologues is brilliantly performed by
Adrian Turner (who as it happens was an Olympic Swimmer and competed in Athens
in 2004) and Conor Irwin.

Little Boy by John Foster delves into the mind of Major Claude Eatherly, (Turner) the weatherman who gave the all-clear for the bombing of Hiroshima. Mass murder – or is it? After WWII ended on such dramatic terms, Eatherly committed a number of petty crimes and sent the profits to orphanages in Hiroshima. He was eventually put into a psychiatric unit, and it is from here he tells us his tale. An utterly convincing performance and an excellent script makes for compelling theatre.

Chocolate Cake written by Sheila West takes a more menacing angle. A fictional convicted paedophile murderer (Irwin) horrifies the audience with his sordid confessions of murdering his helpless victims. It makes for uncomfortable, but gripping viewing and delivers its twist with a punch which will leave you pondering for days.

Don’t miss it!

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