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All illustrations courtesy of the artist

My favourite thing about this job is scouting for new illustrators to feature in this section. There’s always the mix of the good, information pills the bad and the ugly. And just sometimes, order there’s a one who makes me sit up straight and exclaim ‘Hot damn, website that’s a big can of talent.’ In a dodgy Texas accent, because that’s how I like to entertain my companion, and myself Phelps the cat.

Swiftly moving on, this is South London based illustrator graduated from Graphic/Media design at the London College of Communication in 2004 and has since gone on to design artwork for Illustrated People, whose t-shirts have gone on sale in Topshop and Japan.

Using a high stylised black and white technique, Sims creates illustrations that explode in a feast of bones, owls, butterflies and other such things to create a finished artwork that one can stare at for quite a long time. I’m loving the theme of owls that I’ve seen in a lot of artwork lately. I wonder if it has anything to do with Twin Peaks finally being released on DVD?

One of my favourite illustrations by Cat Sims, entitled ‘High Barnet’. It reminds me of what might have happened if Marie Antoinette had decided to throw A Midsummer’s Night Dream themed party.

Three songs you like to draw to: I usually draw to Radio 4 (oh wow, that rhymes!) but anything from Vespertine, Bjork, We Are LoveHot Chip, What’s He Building in There?, Tom Waits.

Three destinations you’d love to travel to: Japan, Mexico, and New York

Three artists that inspire you: Supermundane, Lucien Freud, David Lynch. Editor’s note: Ha! Knew that Twin Peaks theory was bang on!

Three words to describe your work: black, white, and intricate.

Cat Sims blog can be found here.

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