Amelia’s Magazine | Singer Songwriter Dustin Tebbutt introduces his debut EP: The Breach

Dustin Tebbutt by Claudine O'Sullivan

Dustin Tebbutt by Claudine O’Sullivan.

From organic beginnings during a stay in Sweden, The Breach by Australian singer songwriter Dustin Tebbutt has gained a momentum all its own, gaining fans on major radio stations along the way. As he prepares to head over to Europe for a string of dates I caught up with him to find out more about the man behind this beguiling four track EP.

Dustin Tebbutt by Hannah Boothman

Dustin Tebbutt by Hannah Boothman.

Why did you decide to relocate to Sweden and in what way did this influence your music making?
The move to Sweden was in part due to a friend of mine that grew up in Stockholm. We’d been playing music together for a few years and he spoken a lot about the music scene, and Scandinavia in general. It sounded like an interesting place! Also, I was ready to travel at that time. I hadn’t been overseas before and for a few years I’d been idealising the northern hemisphere, and the winter there. I’ve always been infatuated with that rugged appeal some places have … Alaska, Canada, The Himalayas… Sweden had that harshness about it too. 

How did you support yourself whilst away?
A combination of making a lot of coffee at a cafe, and eating mostly frozen TV dinners.

Dustin Tebbutt

What did you most miss about your homeland on your adventures abroad?
There weren’t any ‘Aussie comforts‘ I really missed. Each country has its own version of Vegemite I guess, so I was more focused on finding and enjoying the things that make Sweden unique while I was there. But there’s always going to be a few people you have to leave behind. That was the hardest thing. Especially when your not sure if/when you’ll be coming back. I think the music reflects this aspect of the journey, and how it affected me. 

White Lines

Who were your most formative musical influences growing up?
I used to listen to my Dad belting out Stevie Ray Vaughan licks when he’d play… and I loved this classical guitarist called Slava Grigoryan. Other than that, a fair bit of the Verve, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead


What was the process of creation with this EP, and what were the easiest and hardest parts?
The process for this E.P. was really cyclical, in that I would move between individual elements in a song and rework them, over and over again. I did this to the point where one part that was once the foundational element, for example; the drums, became buried, or changed to just function as a highlight or secondary texture. In this sense, the tracks and their focus, are always shifting. It’s a really nice way to create… a real journey. The hardest part then though, is where do you stop? 

Where I Find You

How did you make the video for Where I Find You?
I shot that video in one pass, at home, using a combination of found footage, a computer monitor and a large block of ice. 

The Breach

What do the chalkboard drawings on The Breach video mean?
That’s really up to whoever is watching them unfold I think ;)

Where are you living now and why?
I’ve recently moved to Sydney, theres a great space here for me to work from and we get to see some amazing thunderstorms. 

What can we expect from Dustin Tebbutt in 2014?
I’ll be coming over to the UK at the end of Feb for a couple of things, and right now I’m just working on some new songs. So hopefully they’ll be out and about before too long!

The Breach EP by Dustin Tebbutt is out now. Catch Dustin Tebbutt in the UK at Servant Jazz Quarters on Tuesday 25th Feb, before he heads on over Tivoli Spiegelbar in Utrecht (Netherlands) on Saturday 1st March for a night with Marble Sounds and Mutual Benefit.

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