Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2013 Printed Textiles and Surface Design Graduates – The 50s Trend

New Designers show 2013-Paul Roberts
As usual there were a plethora of outstanding design graduates on show at New Designers, and I always um and ah about how I am going to split these blogs up. Should I go with themes and trends that I spotted across the show? Inevitably I’m more likely to be drawn to trends that I myself love so I can’t for one moment profess to give a full view in this respect. Should I go with type of work? It’s a tough one, because many of these designers produce designs that could cross over into many disciplines. For now I’m going to start with a review of the surface designers who were inspired by the 50s, of which there were many who caught my eye.

Surface design by Paul Roberts
At the Loughborough University stand I admired the crazy cool dog designs by mature student and former jockey Paul Roberts. I asked if he’d considered horses as a theme, but for now it seems he’s sticking to a slightly humorous 50s vibe of people and their pet dogs.

New Designers show 2013-ruth rennison
New Designers show 2013-ruth rennison
Skull by Ruth Rennison, winner of the Luciene Day award
This sheep’s skull print was produced by Ruth Rennison, winner of the Lucienne Day award. The dominance of greys and other sludgy tones give her collection a heavy feel that was very indicative of one type of 50s design: much favoured by my grandparents for interior fabrics in their Welsh cottage (still there today).

New Designers show 2013-Anna Gurrey
Leeds College of Art is always home to a plethora of great new surface designers and this year was no exception. Anna Gurrey concentrated on simple 50s style scribbles and strokes, piled onto pastel backgrounds.

50s inspired prints by lauren burke
This lovely perfume bottle pattern is by Lauren Marie Burke.

New Designers show 2013-Rose Thomasson
New Designers show 2013-Rose Thomasson 1
Rose Thomasson of Heriot-Watt University produced Scandinavian influenced geometric designs populated by birds and leaves. Scandinavian design had a big impact on 50s design across the world, with echoes still reverberating today. You can read about Rose’s placement at Tigerprint here.

New Designers show 2013-Rachel MacLeod
New Designers show 2013-Rachel MacLeod
Fellow student Rachel MacLeod made repeat prints featuring boats and houses – again the use of a muddy palette is very suggestive of the 50s.

New Designers show 2013-Sophie Berry
At Bath Spa University I liked this teasel wallpaper by Sophie Berry – a slightly more modern take this time, but still a bit 50s in the repeat use of an unusual decorative plant with curlicue detailing.

New Designers show 2013-polly rowan
Her fellow classmate Polly Rowan has an equally wonderful name. She had produced this lovely open pattern design with a beautiful quality that can only be achieved through screenprinting, but the subtle use of a zingy orange brings this design bang up to date.

New Designers show 2013-Hazharpani
Hazhar Pani from the University of Bolton took a graphic approach to his retro modern architecture inspired surface designs, which he told me have attracted a great deal of interest already.

Next up: a blog full of beautiful splashy brights and much much more. Don’t forget, many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them.

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2013 Surface Design Graduates – Playful Brights

New Designers show 2013-Hannah Rampley
Next up, my review of splashy abstract brights and lovely playful designs. It’s fair to say that this is a look I will always love, but there did seem to be a lot of very beautiful surface designs and printed textiles that followed this theme in 2013.

surfacedesign by Hannah Rampley at Leeds
At Leeds College of Art I wanted to gobble up these juicy fruit designs by Hannah Rampley.

New Designers show 2013-emma cook
Emma Cook worked in ceramics to create pretty textured decorative tiles.

Dinosaurs and Octopi by Hannah Bowen
New Designers show 2013-hannah bowen
Dinosaurs and Octopi populate surface patterns by Hannah Bowen. I can see her gorgeous designs working really well for children, and her playful prints also snagged her the Harlequin Award at New Designers.

Tropical Pleating from Emily Jane Fisher
I loved the tropical pleating and glittering oversized sequins in a stunning display by Emily Jane Fisher at De Montford University.

Amy Gill textiles
At Nottingham Trent I was taken by these neon floral and graphic textiles by Amy Gill.

Fun surface design by Ozlem Djafer
Fun portraiture based surface design by Ozlem Djafer at Bucks New University was based on fashion hierarchies.

abstract print by Katie Whitton at new designers
These super colourful skeins of abstract print are by Katie Whitton at Norwich University – another understandable award winner, this time from Tigerprint.

Radishes by Charlie O'Byrne
Charlie O'Byrne
A brave move to display your menswear prints on a fruit and veg stall, but I think it paid off Charlie O’Byrne! This UWE graduate interned with Louise Gray, which makes total sense since they are both lovers of all things bright and fun.

Oxana Koroviatskaia - modernist painterly brights
Oxana Koroviatskaia‘s modernist painterly brights were immensely appealing draped across the Glasgow School of Art stand.

New Designers show 2013-Emily Chapman
At London College of Communications I liked this colourful display of patterns by Emily Chapman.

printed textile design by Rosie Cook
Mock ups for graphic printed textile designs by Rosie Cook at Staffordshire University went down a storm when I posted them on instagram. Don’t forget, many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them. Read about my favourite designs that follow a strong 50s trend here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: Abstract Textiles and Surface Design

New Designers Laura worrall 2
Never mind the heat, I spent three hours trawling the halls of New Designers part one at the Islington Business Centre. By the end I was thoroughly exhausted (I’m 39 weeks pregnant today) but excited, as always, by all the fabulous graduate designers I discovered. I’ll be covering my favourites in a few separate blog posts: first up, abstract textile and surface design, in a celebration of the many dashing variations of this forward looking and vibrant theme.

New Designers Laura Worrall
At London College of Communication I adored painterly abstracts by Laura Worrall, adapted for use on a variety of mediums, including textiles and tiles.

New Designers Miriam Bridson
Miriam Bridson put on another beautiful display of bold abstract design.

New Designers Aisha Khan
Aisha Khan at Bucks New University created an intriguing metallic wall installation.

New Designers Alice Ward
Bold brights were put together in this strong wall display by Alice Ward.

New Designers Logan Kelly 2
New Designers Logan kelly
Next up, I really liked this ‘Soft Bling‘ collection of digitally printed designs on crepe satin and cotton drill by Logan Kelly at Falmouth University. The broad strokes and zingy colours have a hint of the 80s and I loved the fresh use of white.

New Designers Jenna Coulthard 2
ND Jenna Coulthard
I always look forward to seeing the work of Leeds College of Artgraduates.

This year I particularly loved the great colours and shapes of Jenna Coulthard who was given a Tigerprint Golden Ticket to come show her portfolio and also recommended for her use of colour by Global Color Research. I am not surprised she got so much attention!

New Designers Benjamin Craven
Marvellous patterns by Benjamin Craven made for a strong collection.

New Designers Jessica Taylor
These juicy colours are by Jessica Taylor.

New Designers Sarah Gibson
And brilliant splashes are by Sarah Gibson.

New Designers Laura Elizabeth coles
Beautiful textural copper filigree weave in rainbow colours is by Laura Elizabeth Coles of Central Saint Martins.

New Designers Georgia Fleck
Georgia Fleck created unique carpet designs. Make your own combination with the pieces!

New Designers Natasha SamaSuwo
New Designers Natasha SamaSuwo collage
Natasha SamaSuwo at Glasgow College of Art made a series of lovely delicate collages, showcasing the resulting prints on some fab photo collages.

New Designers Caitlin Miller
Love the zingy colour combo! Textiles by Caitlin Miller at Duncan of Jordanstone.

New Designers Shauna McGregor
Designs by Shauna McGregor called to mind the 80s with their neon exuberance: overall the standard of design coming out of the Scottish colleges was exceptional throughout the show.

New Designers Elidh Howie
Elidh Howie specialised in metallic 3D accessories design for handbag applications. Very slick and professional.

New Designers Chloe Pullin
At Swansea College of Art Chloe Pullin combined all sorts of techniques to create a fabulous wall of her designs – as you can tell I was really feeling the bright abstracts this year!

New Designers Naomi France
I also loved this display by Naomi France at Swansea, utilising laser etched doors that echoed her textile designs.

New Designers Anna Trainor
Anna Trainor at Ulster Uni designed optical textiles with a modernist flavour.

New Designers Anna Collins
Anna Collins created standout textiles at Birmingham City Uni.

ND Jan Kingsman
Finally, Jan Kingsman at Bath Spa Uni showed on the craft stand, but I thought her gorgeous textiles deserve to appear in this blog!

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2011 Part One: Textile Design Graduate Show Review

New Designers review 2011-Louise Collis Loughborough
Textile design by Louise Collis of Loughborough.

New Designers is held every summer at the Business Design Centre in Islington and it’s a great one stop shop for anyone interested in the best up and coming new creative design talent, information pills boasting two weeks of exhibition to visit. I went along to week one to check out the best in textiles, viagra approved surface design, ceramics, glass, jewellery and craft, and I hope to also visit the second week which is currently taking place and features product design, photography, illustration and graphic design. It really is a crucial place to showcase work and snag the best graduate jobs: it was where I caught the eye of the gift card company I wanted to work for and was subsequently snapped up by a major textile print design agency when I graduated from the University of Brighton… Quadriga later folded and took all the money I earnt, thanks, but that’s another story.

New Designers review 2011-Louise Collis LoughboroughNew Designers review 2011-Louise Collis LoughboroughNew Designers review 2011-Louise Collis Loughborough
New Designers review 2011-Louise Collis Loughborough
New Designers review 2011-Louise Collis Loughborough
My first stop was at Loughborough University, where my eye was caught by the laser etched wall panels of Louise Collis, who pounced on me the minute I revealed my camera. She’s created a stunning range of interiors textiles that she displayed on padded stools and as cushions.

New Designers review 2011-Olivia Streatfield-James New Designers review 2011-Olivia Streatfield-James
Next door Olivia Streatfield-James had produced some wonderful monochrome animal prints.

New Designers review 2011-Gillian Armstrong
Gillian Armstrong had gone for a flowery theme, but her bold use of colour and shape made sure it stood out. Check out Gillian Armstrong’s blogspot here.

New Designers review 2011-Stacey Laura Houghton
Stacey Laura Houghton was inspired by mathematical equations and radical design to create these stunning neon light shades.

Louise Collis
Design by Louise Collis.

Turns out that Loughborough University turns out a very high standard of print graduate. I would have stayed longer to admire the rest but I got frightened out of the area by my constant need to justify why I’d like to take pictures – I understand student’s reticence in case ideas are nicked by big commercial companies but it’s also surely a good thing to get some much needed press… and they should have websites showcasing their work anyway!

New Designers review 2011-New Designers review 2011-Carrie OsborneNew Designers review 2011-Carrie Osborne
At Leeds College of Art Carrie Osborne had won the Tigerprint award for her very detailed and possibly quite commercial wallpaper and fabric designs. My favourite were the unabashedly out there floral designs. Follow Carrie Osborne on twitter here.

New Designers review 2011-Damien Barlow
New Designers review 2011-Damien Barlow
New Designers review 2011-Damien Barlow
Round the back I met Damien Barlow, who stood out with his illustrative papercut designs. We had a bit of a chat and he expressed excitement at his sudden discovery of the powers of twitter – interest from magazines within seconds. I’m not surprised because his work is ace.

New Designers review 2011-Damien Barlow
New Designers review 2011-Damien BarlowNew Designers review 2011-Damien BarlowNew Designers review 2011-Damien Barlow
He starts with text and then layers images around the words. Dinosaurs roaming amongst billowing clouds would be ideal for kiddie’s books, which he told me he has considered. He also has a zine and some exhibitions in the pipeline. I look forward to hearing more ideas soon. Follow Damien Barlow on Twitter.

Leeds College of Art also produced the New Designer of the Year 2011, Louise Tiler, so they must be doing something right!

Next up: Surface Design. Part Two of New Designers continues until Saturday 9th July 2011. Follow New Designers on Twitter for updates.

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