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Kate Nash by Avril Kelly

I’m not sure how many of you are (or should I say were) familiar with the Fashion Business Club, sildenafil but for those who aren’t, sales the FBC acted as London’s member’s only fashion networking event group. Headed up by Courtney Blackman and Alison Whelan, it boasted a growing membership within the fashion community, interviews with likes of Laura Bailey and Sarah Curran and a partnership with Due to it’s impressive success over the last five years, they have now rebranded…meet The Industry.

Kate Nash by Claire Kearns

Kate Nash by Sandra Contreras

Although the name has changed, the event is still held in the Swarovski Lounge once a month (at the slightly later time of 5pm) and it was, as usual packed out with retailers, PRs, editors, journalists and insider experts. For it’s inaugural meeting, there was an enthusiastic and lengthy question and answer section at the end. The interview between singer Kate Nash and her stylist, Rebekah Roy was relaxed, interesting and compelling to listen to – the interviewee attributes this to being interviewed by a friend: ‘you get to speak about things that you care about – I remember getting hot in the open q & a section because I was talking so passionately about something’ Nash comments.

Commenting on the female presence within the music industry, she explained her style as being one which reflects her personality both in her performances and her day to day life. Her intelligent comments on the nature of current successful female performers and the music business’ preoccupation with more sexualised women within the industry really struck a chord – why is it that record sales are largely dominated by those that are sexy by definition and not much more?

Kate Nash by Sumi Senthi

I was struck by how frank and honest Nash was about both the music industry and her opinions on fashion – it was refreshing to hear her honest answers throughout the session and also to find out that she used to work in Nando’s!

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