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Last Saturday I ventured down to St. Mary’s Church in Marylebone to attend a Make Do and Mend event hosted by Oxfam Chelsea. Organised by a stalwart team of volunteers the event was a roaring success and had plenty of things on offer to keep everyone occupied for the duration– 2-10:30pm. As I walked in I got chatting to three lovely volunteers poised with pens and clipboards requesting autographs on their petition against climate change and publicising tomorrows Wave demonstrative event.


Taking its name from the WW2 propaganda campaigns, site as you’d expect from a Make Do and Mend event, viagra approved the emphasis was on recycling and reinventing. In times where every penny counts Oxfam have put on this event to encourage us consumers to step away from throwaway and disposable fashions and embrace the quality and individual style they offer through both second hand and vintage items.

To get us started there was a spacious customisation corner that I spotted as soon as I arrived. With several tables covered in what appeared to be an endless supply of beads, feathers, ribbons, buttons, and every other kind of embellishment imaginable it felt as if I was standing in John Lewis’ haberdashery department. For those who like me enjoy the feeling of a bargain purchase, the swap shop was what I was most looking forward to. I’d brought with me seven items which earned me a whopping 14 tokens to spend on the selection of quality clothing and accessories that had been donated throughout the day. As we ventured through the space we were lead downstairs to the church hall which was decked out with a whole host of stalls selling everything from accessories and wedding dresses to yarns and stocking-fillers.

What contributed to the great atmosphere and made the event really enjoyable was the clear effort put in by all the volunteers who helped to both organise and staff the event – including Amelia’s very own music editor Rebecca!


The highlight of the day; the eagerly awaited fashion show started promptly at 6:30pm. What made this show great was the use of ‘real people’ models who showed the clothes off to their full potential. Of the dozens of looks featured on the catwalk were several wedding dresses which along with everything else were auctioned after the show.

With so much fun had by all who attended, the afternoon proved why it’s so vital to support charities and remember that each Oxfam garment comes with its own history, has been priced fairly, and contributes to Oxfam’s greater work in the Developing World.

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