Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2014 Review: Best New Illustration & One Year On Textiles

New Designers Adam Corns 2
Illustration by Adam Corns.

I sadly missed the first weekend of New Designers this year, but I made it to the second weekend and made a beeline for the illustration degree and graphic design stands.

New Designers Horses Josephine Birch
I began with the Cambridge School of Art stand, which is always one of the strongest in show. These characterful horses are by Josephine Birch.

New Designers Francesca Esme Morris
I adored this colourful patterned work by Francesca Esme Morris.

New Designers Aleesha Nandra guitars
These wooden cutout guitars by Aleesha Nandhra feature lyrics and imagery from favourite songs.

New Designers 2014 -Jess Bennett
Jess Bennett updated Snakes and Ladders with her Space Race board game, part of a project to ‘make space cool again.’

New Designers Louise Hall- churches
Louise Hall was inspired by the churches of East London for her London Bells series.

New Designers hannah Kurz
Hannah Kurz created these truly stunning illustrations for a book inspired by Nordic folklore.

New Designers Ella Catt
This cute papercut card design is by Ella Catt at Nottingham Trent University.

New Designers Chris Worker
I was most impressed by the monochrome artworks of Chris Worker, who gives a modern spin to the art deco style of Metropolis. This rocket is part of a stencilled visual history of spacecraft and he also did some amazing tarot card designs. A really awesome body of work, do check out his website.

New Designers Claire Evans
I made a quick trip downstairs to check out the always impressive University of Brighton Design & Craft stand and discovered these samples of recycled plastics by Claire Evans, who explores new ways of working with used materials.

New Designers Holly Alexander
This interactive musical quilt by Holly Alexander blends new and old ideas together to encourage the act of storytelling.

New Designers 2014 -gordon gorilla
Hayley Moisley developed her Gordon the Gorilla character as a learning aid, with interchangeable facial features to create different emotions.

New Designers Amy Clare Barden
New Designers Amy Clare Barden crocNew Designers Amy Clare Barden croc
Back on the top floor I discovered yet more talent amongst the Falmouth University graduates. These awesome animals and the crocodile lift the flap book are by Amy Clare Barden.

New Designers Katie Ponder 2
New Designers Katie Ponder
Katie Ponder was the deserving winner of an AOI award for her From the Rite of Spring series.

New Designers Sessions Surf Shop by Joe Baines
Joe Baines created this eye catching identity for the Sessions Surf Shop.

There is something no nonsense about the way that Falmouth put their identikit boards together and bed down at both New Blood and New Designers every summer, but I would really love to see what the students could do with a stand alone show in London one year.

New Designers Jordan Wray at Plymouth College of Art
Over at Plymouth College of Art Jordan Wray depicted a host of fish in The Element of Surprise.

New Designers Katie Turner
New Designers katie turner foxes
Cute patterns featuring badgers, strawberries, foxes and mushrooms by Katie Turner would look great on wrapping paper.

New Designers Sam Thorne
Sam Thorne’s shouty lady is the best kind of optical madness.

New Designers Adam Corns
People on their iPads everywhere, and fabulous brights (see top of the post). There was some awesome work on show from Adam Corns at Birmingham City University.

New Designers Bunnies by Hollie Crooker
This tumbling pile of bunnies by Hollie Crooker is an astonishingly detailed bit of art.

New Designers award winner Matthew Alker
Over at UCA Farnham I was introduced to the award winning work of Matthew Alker.

New Designers Dogs, by Angelica Hood at UCA Farnham
These plush dogs with lolling tongues are by Angelica Hood.

New Designers Otro Mundo Libby Parra
New Designers 2014 -libby parra
I was immensely chuffed to be gifted one of the best things I found at New Designers; Otro Mundo, a beautiful limited edition risograph zine by Libby Parra, printed by Ditto Press. Her otherworldly creatures are bathed in a neon glow as they wriggle across the pages.

New Designers sparklymouse
New Designers sparklymouse face
At the end of my visit I just had time to visit the One Year On zone. This cheerful hoop embroidery is by Louise Jones, aka Sparklymouse.

New Designers Berty B
This great retro inspired textile design is by BertyB.

New Designers Neon weave
Angie Parker hand weaves these epic neon textiles; absolutely stunning.

New designers charlie mortley
Charlie Mortley’s galactic textile designs were used to great effect in upholstery.

New Designers rosie moss
And finally (phew) these lush figurative textiles are by Rosie Moss, who contributed illustrations to Amelia’s Magazine many moons ago.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Album Review – Marissa Nadler: Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler by Avril Kelly
Marissa Nadler by Avril Kelly.

Marrisa Nadler’s 5th album came out this week. The Massachusetts born singer songwriter has been playing music since she was a teenager, viagra approved teaching herself guitar, viagra dosage 12 string, piano and organ with a little help from her older brother. Swoonsome melodies always come first, followed by metaphor-laden lyrical tales. Marissa studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design alongside a Masters Degree in Art Education, but the self expressive potential of music proved too big a pull to resist. She still creates art and sells watercolours, prints and handsewn pillows on Etsy, using it as a homespun way to raise funds for her music projects.

Marissa Nadler by Fawn Carr
Marissa Nadler by Fawn Carr.

Using online fundraiser Kickstarter to raise cash to record her self titled album proved an unprecedented success, allowing Marissa to make a record that remains true to her creative vision. The album was recorded earlier this year at the Miner Street studios in Philadelphia with producer Brian McTear and self released on Box of Cedar Records, named after a song on her first record. Everyone who helped to fund it received a hand wrapped record parcel in the post as a thankyou.

Marissa Nadler Album Cover
Marissa Nadler Album Cover.

Life, love and heartbreak, loss and death – all fragile human is found in the new album. From the crystal opening lines of In Your Lair, Bear…. ‘Where did you go, when the snow fell about you?‘ it’s obvious that this is an intensely personal album. ‘Like blood through your souls.’ Bears of course, are just a metaphor for human experience. Alabaster Queen tells the tale of a life that’s nearly drowned. The slow mournful strum of a guitar is the only thing that keeps us afloat.

Marissa Nadler by Lea Rimoux
Marissa Nadler by Lea Rimoux.

The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You starts on a more positive note… the sun shining on a familiar walk… but that sunshine is not all good after all ‘there ain’t nothing but love songs on the radio.‘ There’s a cosmic countryish tinge to this, a squealing moog bouncing incongruously through the background.

Marissa Nadler by Sam Parr
Marissa Nadler by Sam Parr.

In Mr. John Lee Revisited cements Marissa Nadler‘s reputation as a ‘mistress of the murder ballad’, singing of seductive red lips. But she’s running away again by Baby I will Leave in the Morning. ‘Baby you need to set me free‘ – key changes straining to get away from the melody. But she’s not leaving yet. ‘Come here… honey I don’t want to go away.’

Marissa Nadler photo by Courtney Brooke Hall
Marissa Nadler photo by Courtney Brooke Hall.

There’s a rollicking undertow to Puppet Master, which was co written with Carter Tanton. Once more the seasons pin the lyrics in time and place. ‘Winter would come and nothing would move. Summer’s undone with all did I choose.’ She won’t ever do him wrong… ‘I was your pearl and I knew that you lied.’

Marissa Nadler by Rukmunal Hakim
Marissa Nadler by Rukmunal Hakim.

Despite her angelic soprano Marissa Nadler will never succumb to what he wants her to be, never a Wind Up Doll. Light as a feather harmonies curl around a sparse wash of sound. ‘she will never be what you want her to be.’

Marissa Nadler by Jo Chambers.
Marissa Nadler by Jo Chambers.

A wobbling wall of synth opens Wedding. ‘I will wait for you to come around.’ Is she really still waiting? Somehow I don’t believe it, I think this album is the ultimate cathartic comeback. Doing things exactly as she would like, Marissa is fooling no one. This album is a masterpiece of that self expression she has spent so long searching for. Little King grew up not afar away. We’re in the autumn now but the suitcase is still being packed.

Marissa Nadler by Soni Speight.

Breaking down In a Magazine, in public, but she has moved on – ‘my hands are tied, the rain falls, you look like someone I used to know‘ – maybe, though the memories remain. The album ends on Daisy, Where Did You Go? – Marissa still apparently stuck with phantom limbs in ‘this light of woe‘ but nothing scares Daisy. And thus ends a beautifully elliptical album that I’ve had on repeat for weeks.

Marissa Nadler by Lea Rimoux
Marissa Nadler by Lea Rimoux.

Marissa Nadler plans to tour Europe in the autumn so keep an eye on this space. What a wonderful discovery. Now I just need to listen to the other albums.

Marissa Nadler by Rosie Moss
Marissa Nadler by Rosie Moss.

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