Amelia’s Magazine | Music Listings January 27th – 31st

Wednesday 27th January, Ralfe Band, Puregroove Records


The excellent Ralfe Band provided the soundtrack to the magical Bunny And The Bull movie from late last year, and now said music is coming out on CD. To celebrate, the band are coming down to Pure Groove to play a special instore showcase. This will be a stripped down set, but their lovely instrumental flourishes will be as evident as it was on the excellent debut record.

Thursday 28th January, Quack Quack, Tuffnel Park Dome


On the surface, Leeds trio Quack Quack seem to exist in some animated part-prog, part-post-rock indie hinterland, but closer inspection reveals a tight-knit instrumental trio who, in absorbing and acknowledging everything from dub, jazz, funk, and electronic music, subvert all tidy enclosures of prog-this or post-that.

Friday 29th January, So So Modern, The Lexington


So So Modern create music that will make you want to shake your ass and rock out a the same time. Showcasing new songs from their forthcoming album Crude Future (released 15th of February) they will be getting you all hot and sweaty at the Lexington. The perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday 30th January, Arar, Death to the King, Gum Takes Tooth, Dethscalator, Sunday Mourning, Team Brick, MKII Powers Croft Road


Team Brick headlines a night of loud, heavy, experimental music. Expecting big riffs, big beards, and plenty of shouting.

Sunday 31st January, Dag för Dag, The Old Blue Last


Dag för Dag are fully armed with 5 tracks produced by Richard Swift in their US homeland and 7 tracks produced with Johannes Berglund in their Swedish new land. As a band that lives for the live stage, they had to speak long and hard to the mixing desk, the producers, the microphone and the cavernous walls of dark studios on hot summer days: “please capture the spirit and energy and magic witnessed on stage.” And so, with the help of two very determined recording magicians, Dag för Dag have created ‘Boo’, their very first full-length album. Come down to The Old Blue Last on Sunday to hear the songs as they were meant to be.

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