Amelia’s Magazine | London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: David Koma (Reprise)

Illustration by Andrea Peterson

Only two seasons ago David Koma presented his – Niki de Saint Phalle inspired – collection of dresses off schedule headlining Freemasons as the winner of Fashion Scout’s Merit Award. The garments were tight, clinic bright and fun – body-con for the Sci-Fi (think The Jetsons crossed with Barberella) obsessives! In contrast Koma’s S/S 2011 collection combined his tightly constructed silhouette with a welcome relax in the hemlines.

All photographs by Amelia Gregory

This season Koma experimented with the essence of ballet, dosage hardening the oh-so-familiar shape of the tutu with bold geometric shapes. The fabric of the dresses constricted around the chest before dropping softly into swishing pleats.

Illustration by Andrea Peterson

During the course of LFW, approved Satu Fox, my fellow Amelia’s Magazine correspondence and I discussed which designers Cheryl Cole might wear later this year on X Factor. As a rule I often avoid X-Factor but remain aware of the concentrated gaze directed towards the sartorial choices of the female presenters, where as Simon and Louie appear to skate through the entire series in identical tatty threads.

As if answering Satu’s and I’s musings, David Koma’s produced a series of (ignoring the questionable use of snake) python adorned Egypitan column dresses in two alternatives: either ever so slightly garish gold or a dramatic black. Both looks which would definately wow on the X-Factor.

Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins

The use of python was upsetting, one can just about understand the development of fur coats, when the material was a hunting by-product in sub-zero weather conditions. It still remains harder to justify the use of fur as a luxurious adornment. Subsequently how does one justify the use of Python? It has no qualities, I am aware of other than the scream of wealth. Is python skin sourced via a farm? Or is the skin obtained after an animal dies of natural causes?

llustration by Gareth A Hopkins

Amelia had the good fortune to ask this outstandingly young designer (24!) about his decision to use Python Skin, you can read the intriguing outcome to their conversation here.

Designers take a leaf out of Stella McCartney’s book and research luxury alternatives to animal products!

llustration by Gareth A Hopkins

It’s been intriguing to see numerous designers plundering the back catalogues of Abstract Artists, from Cooperative Design’s wonderful reinvention of the Bauhaus through their use of Memphis School of Furniture Design (who also popped up in Holly Fulton’s press release) to David Koma’s application of bold abstract inspired shape from Fernand Leger.

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