Amelia’s Magazine | Tent London 2010 LAB CRAFT Exhibition Review

Tent Lab Craft logo
All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Yes, help I admit this will be a series of massively late reviews, but I’m going by that age old edict, better late than never…. My first port of call at Tent London 2010 was the LAB CRAFT area; Digital Adventures in Contemporary Craft. A Crafts Council exhibition, it attempted to redefine what is meant by ‘craft’ in an age when we have so much digital technology at our disposal. Curated by Max Fraser, I found this arguably the most interesting part of the main exhibition.

Under the auspice of ‘Urban Camouflage’ Chelsea College of Art graduate Chae Young Kim had created the Knitted Room, soft hairlike lines on a wallpaper design – so fine that they could only have been made by a computer, of course. Hypnotically beautiful.

Chae Young Kim Tent

For Information Ate My Table Zachary Eastwood-Bloom had chomped through the side of a coffee table in a fabulous mathematically shaped design.

Tent Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

The Bravais Armchair by Lazerian was created from cardboard – but retails for a massive £1700. Steady now. It’s design was inspired by the structural columnar forms found in nature, and looks to be an idea that could easily be made using recycled materials, and potentially very cheaply at that. Unfortunately there was no mention of sustainability and given the high price it’s likely that the Bravais Armchair will remain available only to the very rich. Designer Liam Hopkins’ other work is inspired by wasp nests and crystals – stunning stuff, if only we could all benefit from such great design.

Tent Lazerian

Daniel O’Riordan had created a stunning wood table, it’s surface subtly etched with the pattern of rain plopping onto water. He managed to get this effect by stimulating the effect with fluid dynamics software, the results of which were then milled into the oak table top.

Tent Daniel O'Riordan

A triangular bean bag by Jo Pierce was made from a digital textile design that was then digitally printed. A hand finish was given to the surface to still further mix up manufacturing mediums. Lost in Digital was an art piece that epitomises the way that most graphic artists currently work – created by the BA Print Pathway Leader in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins.

Tent Jo Pierce

Philippa Brock had woven an amazing textile. Ignore the pretentious art name and marvel at Self Fold #1 and Self Fold #2, inspired by paper folding techniques. Despite digital intervention initial prototyping was done on hand looms and the resulting fabric is textured yet elastic.

Tent Philippa Brock

Jo Hayes-Ward is an old friend, talented jewellery designer and graduate of the RCA. She works with traditional jewellery making processes such as lost wax casting to create complex, attractive rings and broaches embedded with digital patterns.

Tent 2010-Jo Hayes-Ward

It goes without saying that these days almost all artisans embrace some level of technology, but this was a stunning collection of those who have really pushed the limits of their craftsmanship to encompass digital advances in design.

*News just in* LAB CRAFT will be going on tour soon: it visits these venues across the country:
Turnpike Gallery
Civic Square, Greater Manchester, Leigh, WN7 1EB
30 October 2010 – 18 December 2010
Plymouth College of Art
Tavistock Place, Plymouth, PL4 8AT
10 January – 19 February 2011
New Brewery Arts Centre
Cirencester, Gloucestshire, GL7 1JH
11 March – 25 April 2011
Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum
Royal Pump Rooms, The Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AA
29 September – 20 November 2011
The Civic
Hanson Street, Barnsley, S70 2HZ
30 November 2011 – 21 January 2012

In my next posts: best sustainable designs and best of the rest of the show.

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2014 Review: Best New Illustration & One Year On Textiles

New Designers Adam Corns 2
Illustration by Adam Corns.

I sadly missed the first weekend of New Designers this year, but I made it to the second weekend and made a beeline for the illustration degree and graphic design stands.

New Designers Horses Josephine Birch
I began with the Cambridge School of Art stand, which is always one of the strongest in show. These characterful horses are by Josephine Birch.

New Designers Francesca Esme Morris
I adored this colourful patterned work by Francesca Esme Morris.

New Designers Aleesha Nandra guitars
These wooden cutout guitars by Aleesha Nandhra feature lyrics and imagery from favourite songs.

New Designers 2014 -Jess Bennett
Jess Bennett updated Snakes and Ladders with her Space Race board game, part of a project to ‘make space cool again.’

New Designers Louise Hall- churches
Louise Hall was inspired by the churches of East London for her London Bells series.

New Designers hannah Kurz
Hannah Kurz created these truly stunning illustrations for a book inspired by Nordic folklore.

New Designers Ella Catt
This cute papercut card design is by Ella Catt at Nottingham Trent University.

New Designers Chris Worker
I was most impressed by the monochrome artworks of Chris Worker, who gives a modern spin to the art deco style of Metropolis. This rocket is part of a stencilled visual history of spacecraft and he also did some amazing tarot card designs. A really awesome body of work, do check out his website.

New Designers Claire Evans
I made a quick trip downstairs to check out the always impressive University of Brighton Design & Craft stand and discovered these samples of recycled plastics by Claire Evans, who explores new ways of working with used materials.

New Designers Holly Alexander
This interactive musical quilt by Holly Alexander blends new and old ideas together to encourage the act of storytelling.

New Designers 2014 -gordon gorilla
Hayley Moisley developed her Gordon the Gorilla character as a learning aid, with interchangeable facial features to create different emotions.

New Designers Amy Clare Barden
New Designers Amy Clare Barden crocNew Designers Amy Clare Barden croc
Back on the top floor I discovered yet more talent amongst the Falmouth University graduates. These awesome animals and the crocodile lift the flap book are by Amy Clare Barden.

New Designers Katie Ponder 2
New Designers Katie Ponder
Katie Ponder was the deserving winner of an AOI award for her From the Rite of Spring series.

New Designers Sessions Surf Shop by Joe Baines
Joe Baines created this eye catching identity for the Sessions Surf Shop.

There is something no nonsense about the way that Falmouth put their identikit boards together and bed down at both New Blood and New Designers every summer, but I would really love to see what the students could do with a stand alone show in London one year.

New Designers Jordan Wray at Plymouth College of Art
Over at Plymouth College of Art Jordan Wray depicted a host of fish in The Element of Surprise.

New Designers Katie Turner
New Designers katie turner foxes
Cute patterns featuring badgers, strawberries, foxes and mushrooms by Katie Turner would look great on wrapping paper.

New Designers Sam Thorne
Sam Thorne’s shouty lady is the best kind of optical madness.

New Designers Adam Corns
People on their iPads everywhere, and fabulous brights (see top of the post). There was some awesome work on show from Adam Corns at Birmingham City University.

New Designers Bunnies by Hollie Crooker
This tumbling pile of bunnies by Hollie Crooker is an astonishingly detailed bit of art.

New Designers award winner Matthew Alker
Over at UCA Farnham I was introduced to the award winning work of Matthew Alker.

New Designers Dogs, by Angelica Hood at UCA Farnham
These plush dogs with lolling tongues are by Angelica Hood.

New Designers Otro Mundo Libby Parra
New Designers 2014 -libby parra
I was immensely chuffed to be gifted one of the best things I found at New Designers; Otro Mundo, a beautiful limited edition risograph zine by Libby Parra, printed by Ditto Press. Her otherworldly creatures are bathed in a neon glow as they wriggle across the pages.

New Designers sparklymouse
New Designers sparklymouse face
At the end of my visit I just had time to visit the One Year On zone. This cheerful hoop embroidery is by Louise Jones, aka Sparklymouse.

New Designers Berty B
This great retro inspired textile design is by BertyB.

New Designers Neon weave
Angie Parker hand weaves these epic neon textiles; absolutely stunning.

New designers charlie mortley
Charlie Mortley’s galactic textile designs were used to great effect in upholstery.

New Designers rosie moss
And finally (phew) these lush figurative textiles are by Rosie Moss, who contributed illustrations to Amelia’s Magazine many moons ago.

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: The Best Illustration Graduates

ND Jen Leem Bruggen
My final New Designers review features work displayed as part of the Visual Communications section in part two of the show: with the focus on illustration, of course.

New Designers Jen Leem Brugen
New Designers Jen Leem Bruggen 2
I absolutely adored the fantastic illustrations of Jen Leem Bruggen at the Uni of Hertfordshire, seen here in a concertina foldout booklet, showing a magical use of colour.

ND Gemma Taylor
This piece is titled Monogamy by Gemma Taylor – showing a great use of pattern combined with bird imagery. Also at Hertfordshire. Sometimes it is the lesser known art colleges which throw up the most unexpected finds!

New Designers Ana Jaks
New Designers Ana Jaks 2
One of my favourite discoveries was work by Ana Jaks at Falmouth Uni – I love her use of colour and shape to create eye catching images.

ND Alex McGinn
Also at Falmouth I was taken by fine editorial work from Alex McGinn.

New Designers Hazel Partridge
Other pieces that caught my eye: a lovely bird by Hazel Partridge.

New Designers Charlotte Perry
This cool alphabet design by Charlotte Perry.

New Designers Thomas Pullin
And a fun character by Thomas Pullin.

ND Jess Rose
New Designers Jess Rose
The Nottingham Trent Uni stand was ridiculously difficult to navigate but I eventually established that these exciting silk scarf designs, inspired by viruses, aches and pains, are by Jess Rose. Beautiful and engaging.

ND Josh Patterson
New Designers Josh Patterson
Cooking up a storm! This lovely editorial work is by Josh Patterson at Birmingham City Uni, who has unsurprisingly already worked for an impressive roster of clients, as well as winning several awards.

New Designers Michelle Bowden
And I also liked this painterly pattern by Michelle Bowden.

ND Sorcha Faulkner
New Designers Sorcha Faulkner
At Cambridge School of Art I liked a more traditional take on cookery illustration by Sorcha Faulkner.

NEW DESIGNERS micah shaW 2
New Designers Micah Shaw
This house on a hill and ghosts are by Micah Shaw at Plymouth College of Art.

New Designers Sander B
ND Sander B
At Coventry Uni I loved this gorgeous book of Nordic folklore by Sander B Draws.

ND Jack Bailey
New Designers Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey was showing work with Cygnet Ink as part of a show put together by the Uni of Lincoln. I really enjoyed his mixed media approach, featuring beautiful delicate watercolour animals, buildings and matching models.

ND Yada Subhadira
At Portsmouth Uni I liked this 3D papercut of skulls by Yada Subhadira.

New Designers Bethany woollvin
And these planets with eyes by award winner Bethan Woollvin.

New Designers Dale Sylvester
Finally, this piece featuring the nerve endings in the brain is by Dale Sylvester.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Plymouth College of Art: Photography Graduate Show 2011 Review

Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Jeremy Morris
Detail of photograph by Jeremy Morris.

There were a few photographers whose work I really liked at Plymouth College of Art Photography degree show:

Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Jeremy Morris
Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Jeremy Morris
Working together with Ba Fashion student Christopher McGovern Jeremy Morris had produced these photos as part of an ongoing series of work inspired by the fragility of life in the deep ocean in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The tangled garments represent the strangling force of oil and up close it is just possible to discern the eery features of face and limbs, help caught up in the jumble of fabric.

Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Lisa Birch
Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Lisa Birch
Lisa Birch presented only one simple beautifully printed large photograph in grainy black and white: that of a pile of origami cranes, echoing the installation on the window sill next to it. She was inspired by the concept of Wabi-Sabi, where there is beauty to find in even the ugliest of things, and that nothing is perfect or lasts forever. It doesn’t look like many people took one of her Cranes despite the invitation to do so – as a reminder of our mortality. I guess they just thought it too beautiful an installation to disturb.

Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Paul Critchley
Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Paul Critchley
Paul Critchley showed a simple collection of ordinary youth – ‘everything you think you know, you may not know.‘ His aim, to question assumptions made about different types of folk. I thought they were interesting portraits, straight up and unaffected, direct and engaging.

Plymouth college of art photography graduate exhibition 2011 Euan Barker
Euan Barker shot specimen sheets of bugs in beautiful large format detail, attempting to understand the obsessional need to make order out of chaos. ‘These trays have been captured here for the first time and are now starting to branch out from their confines in storage.’ The above image is a detail.

Categories ,Christopher McGovern, ,Cranes, ,Deepwater Horizon, ,Euan Barker, ,Free Range, ,Graduate Shows, ,Gulf of Mexico, ,Jeremy Morris, ,Lisa Birch, ,origami, ,Paul Critchley, ,photography, ,Plymouth College of Art, ,Wabi-sabi

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2011 Part Two: Illustration Graduate Show Review 1

New Designers show review 2011-emma block
Yet more lovely work from ACOFI illustrator Emma Block.

There was so much to see at New Designers part two (back in July) so in this blog I will concentrate on the illustrators who haven’t yet found a space on these pages:

New Designers show review 2011-Bex BourneNew Designers show review 2011-bex bourne
Bex Bourne of University College Falmouth produced a lovely Morris dancer inspired piece and a beautiful gypsy caravan.

New Designers show review 2011-Grace Hawes
I like Grace Hawes‘ soft watercolour style

New Designers show review 2011-Meryn Cobbin
New Designers show review 2011-Meryn Cobbin§
As well as the dreamy abstract style of Meryn Cobbin.

New Designers show review 2011-Stephanie Ginger
Stephanie Ginger‘s Tame Impala poster was fabulous.

New Designers show review 2011-Laura WeeksNew Designers show review 2011-New Designers show review 2011-Laura Weeks
At Plymouth College of Art Laura Weeks had created a lovely Urban Bandit fox, decease complete with 3D resin figurine version.

New Designers show review 2011-Lindy Lewis
New Designers show review 2011-Lindy Lewis
I liked Lindy Lewis‘ striding soldiers and 50s influenced textile designs.

New Designers show review 2011-Elizabeth Smith
New Designers show review 2011-Elizabeth Smith
New Designers show review 2011-Elizabeth Smith
At Nottingham Trent Elizabeth Smith showed some intricate embroidered illustration.

New Designers show review 2011-Sophie Garwell
Sophie Garwell‘s colourful typography stood out.

More illustration to come shortly…. check out the second part of my review, featuring the best new illustrators at New Designers.

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