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New Designers show 2013-Hannah Rampley
Next up, my review of splashy abstract brights and lovely playful designs. It’s fair to say that this is a look I will always love, but there did seem to be a lot of very beautiful surface designs and printed textiles that followed this theme in 2013.

surfacedesign by Hannah Rampley at Leeds
At Leeds College of Art I wanted to gobble up these juicy fruit designs by Hannah Rampley.

New Designers show 2013-emma cook
Emma Cook worked in ceramics to create pretty textured decorative tiles.

Dinosaurs and Octopi by Hannah Bowen
New Designers show 2013-hannah bowen
Dinosaurs and Octopi populate surface patterns by Hannah Bowen. I can see her gorgeous designs working really well for children, and her playful prints also snagged her the Harlequin Award at New Designers.

Tropical Pleating from Emily Jane Fisher
I loved the tropical pleating and glittering oversized sequins in a stunning display by Emily Jane Fisher at De Montford University.

Amy Gill textiles
At Nottingham Trent I was taken by these neon floral and graphic textiles by Amy Gill.

Fun surface design by Ozlem Djafer
Fun portraiture based surface design by Ozlem Djafer at Bucks New University was based on fashion hierarchies.

abstract print by Katie Whitton at new designers
These super colourful skeins of abstract print are by Katie Whitton at Norwich University – another understandable award winner, this time from Tigerprint.

Radishes by Charlie O'Byrne
Charlie O'Byrne
A brave move to display your menswear prints on a fruit and veg stall, but I think it paid off Charlie O’Byrne! This UWE graduate interned with Louise Gray, which makes total sense since they are both lovers of all things bright and fun.

Oxana Koroviatskaia - modernist painterly brights
Oxana Koroviatskaia‘s modernist painterly brights were immensely appealing draped across the Glasgow School of Art stand.

New Designers show 2013-Emily Chapman
At London College of Communications I liked this colourful display of patterns by Emily Chapman.

printed textile design by Rosie Cook
Mock ups for graphic printed textile designs by Rosie Cook at Staffordshire University went down a storm when I posted them on instagram. Don’t forget, many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates as I find them. Read about my favourite designs that follow a strong 50s trend here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | D&AD New Blood 2013 Review: Best Graduate Illustration and Graphic Design

Bird man by Charlotte Cox at southampton solent screenprinting
This year the D&AD New Blood graduate show was held once again in a cordoned off section of Spitalfields Market. It’s a small space with hoards of exhibiting students crammed into the tight corridors, which can make it hard to manoeuvre around when it’s busy. Most colleges had as usual opted for a simple display on plain white stands, but one in particular had pushed the boat out: Southampton Solent had hand stamped the brown boards of their Wooly Bully Illustration show stand, providing an excellent foil to large scale screen printed work, handmade badges and a high quality promotional package. Amongst a sea of stands featuring A2 printed copies of students work this was a delightfully visceral experience. One of my favourite pieces was the bird man above by Charlotte Cox. They were also handing out invites to their stand alone London show, Solstice, at the Coningsby Gallery, but I was sadly away when it took place: I hope I’ll get an earlier invite next year!

Southampton solent book
Southampton solent book
These images are from a book that was hanging on the wall, illustrator unknown.

Southampton solent - Rake
This screenprint titled Rotam Vitea features alchemical symbolism and is by the enigmatically named Rake.

Elliot Kruszynski at Bath Spa Uni - Save the forests and the animals and the wizards
And from the rest of the show, here’s the illustrations and design work that caught my eye: Elliot Kruszynski at Bath Spa University wants us to Save the Forests and the Animals and the Wizards with this wonderful atmospheric print.

Austrian folk tale by Carina Dewhurst
I didn’t get an invite to the Westminster University standalone degree show this year, which is a shame as on the strength of their small New Blood display it looks like this was a particularly talented group. This beautiful illustration is based on an Austrian folk tale, by Carina Dewhurst.

Louise Byrnes
Printed textiles by Louise Brynes
This gorgeous abstract artwork is by Louise Byrnes, who also created textile designs that reminded me of the trend for splashy abstracts that was very prevalent at New Designers. Just lush, so lush in fact that someone tried to make off with the very print shown above whilst I was there!

Carmen Lynch environmental disaster westminster uni
Carmen Lynch was inspired by environmental disasters to create this threatening yet engaging image.

These cute animals are by someone at UCLAN – unfortunately I didn’t note who as there were no labels. Then the artist responsible tweeted me, but I failed to to take a note of her name then. If it’s you, let me know!

Lunchtime atop a Tree by Rhiannon Izard at plymouth uni
Lunchtime Atop a Tree features a trio of monkeys, by Rhiannon Izard, a paper artist and illustrator from Plymouth University.

Sophia Viney's ghost
Sophia Viney goes under the name Littleinkstain – I like her ghost, which is part of a story about a dark forest inhabited by pixies, created for the BimbaGirls Comic Anthology.

New Blood design show 2013-Saif Chowdhury
Saif Chowdhury‘s fantastical characters are inspired by Japanese video games and bizarre worlds – this image was created for a story about a child on a quest to find their dead father, whilst overcoming monsters and obstacles.

Children's book by Lucy Wooler at norwich uni
This colourful children’s book by Lucy Wooler at Norwich University was inspired by a Victorian morality tale.

Bumble bee by Tori Gray at Dundee
Behold, a humble bumble bee made of type by Tori Gray at the University of Dundee.

Marco Galloway abstract dundee
Marco Galloway researched colour theory to make this great abstract illustration.

Danielle Smith ceramics
These ceramics by Danielle Smith were inspired by mysterious tales of the traveller community.

New Blood design show 2013-Dictionopolis by jame wilson
Dictionopolis by Jamie Wilson at northumbria uni
Dictionopolis tells the tale of a city of words: this beautiful hand printed concertina book by Jamie Wilson of Northumbria University simply took my breath away. I wasn’t sure where to find him online, since Jamie Wilson is apparently quite a common name for an illustrator. This seems most likely to be his home though.

Flower print by Sarah Baskeyfield at Staffordshire Uni
Shells, pineapples & flowers by Sarah Baskeyfield
These hyper colour flower, fruit and shell printed patterns are by Sarah Baskeyfield at Staffordshire University, and were standout pretty amongst all the angular graphic designs on show.

Pottery ampersand by Helen Player at staffordshire uni
This giant pottery ampersand by Helen Player was created as part of a design brief for the V&A.

Dominic Kesterton at ECA
Dominic Kesterton at Edinburgh College of Art based these designs on the linguistics of a fictional seaweed picking culture.

Alex Tait at bucks new uni
Lastly these brilliant black characters are by Alex Tait at Bucks New University.

There were lots of other interesting things on show, but I’ve been writing (or am still writing) stand alone reviews about a number of illustration degrees, so you’ll find their best work elsewhere on my site.

*Many of these images first appeared on my instagram feed, where you can view my pick of design graduates and other inspiring finds as I see them.*

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