Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2011 Part One: Jewellery Graduate Show Review

New Designers review 2011-Michelle Scicluna Me Me Jewellery
Me Me Jewellery by Michelle Scicluna.

The jewellery section of New Designers also really brought home to me how important it is to see a university’s individual show where possible: when the work is crammed into such small stands it’s easy to miss the impact of an individual collection. I’ll be skipping those I’ve already covered in more detail: read about Central Saint Martins and Middlesex University in previous blogs (just click on the links).

New Designers review 2011-William Huynh
Having said everything above, viagra 100mg I did discover one jeweller that I missed at the Middlesex University Free Range show: William Huynh presented a great domed crystal in a gold winged bangle.

New Designers review 2011-Muireann WalsheNew Designers review 2011-Muireann Walshe
Muireann Walshe from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin won the Future Makers award for her unique broaches, inspired by historical finds from Ireland’s ancient history. Her jewellery is an echo of the famous Tara Brooch discovered at county Meath in 1850 and much copied in design. Muireann Walshe incorporates contemporary colour and pattern partly inspired by the Memphis School of design. Instead of a pin, these brooches are attached with magnets. I liked the fact that they were vaguely 80s, and also unlike anything else in the show. I’m always attracted to those designers who go out on a limb and don’t just follow trends.

New Designers review 2011-Hayley LambNew Designers review 2011-Hayley Lamb
New Designers review 2011-Hayley Lamb
At Truro College Hayley Lamb embedded fabric in her bold rings.

Emma Louise Simmonds, UCA, SGJ, crystallise necklace
Emma Louise Simmonds, UCA, SGJ, Platinum Bursary
Emma Louise Simmonds, UCA, SGJ, Nucleation Bracelet
From UCA Rochester Emma Louise Simmonds held centre stage with her stunning gems. She has developed a special new technique that challenges the usual methods of holding gemstones; using laser welding technology she traps cubic zirconia within metal casing without damaging the crystals, there by taking full advantage of the shape and cut of the gemstones.

New Designers review 2011-Emma Louise Simmonds
She has recently won a Goldsmith’s Craft and Design Council Award as well as Graduate Rising Star 2011 and I was most impressed with the press pack she pressed into my hands. Follow Emma Louise Simmonds on Twitter. Highly unusual and clever.

New Designers review 2011-Jong Bin Kim
Also from UCA Rochester Jong Bin Kim showed curvy jewellery that echoed the shapes of underwater sealife.

New Designers review 2011-Lucy Seddon's Paper Memories
At Sheffield Hallam Lucy Seddon‘s Paper Memories took a more ecological approach: material was sourced from old newspapers, maps and envelopes.

New Designers review 2011-Bucks New University Niti KhannaNew Designers review 2011-Bucks New University Niti Khanna
Moving on to Bucks New University Niti Khanna was inspired by Indian architecture – the domed shapes created in modern forms out of metals and acrylic using CAD design. Super cool, I’d love some of this jewellery for myself. Niti has recently accepted a job as a jewellery consultant and plans to head back to India shortly, but I hope that she does continue to design herself as she’s got something special.

New Designers review 2011-Duncan of Jordanstone Jessica Ruth HowarthNew Designers review 2011-Duncan of Jordanstone Jessica Ruth Howarth
At Duncan of Jordanstone Jessica Ruth Howarth‘s friend demonstrated how to lift her jewellery out of bespoke enamelled mini sculptures. Very sweet and different. I love enamelling, but there was barely a whisper of it at this show. I can’t think why it is so out of favour – other than it is extremely hard to do well. I studied enamelling at my local adult education college for a year and became totally hooked – after all, what’s not to like? Plenty of colour, infinite possibilities for pattern…

New Designers review 2011-Michelle Scicluna Me Me JewelleryNew Designers review 2011-Michelle Scicluna Me Me Jewellery
Michelle Scicluna of Sir John Cass London Metropolitan University had run out of cards – always a good sign! I was told to check out their website, which was emblazoned across the stand and yet is curiously uninhabited, so not sure why they would advertise it so widely. Fortunately Michelle herself is more savvy. She has a website and she’s also on Twitter. Go check her out. The Dhana Collection is made up of reinforced paper and metal, with shapes inspired by many years spent living in the ashrams of Thailand and practicing Buddhism. Really quite special.

New Designers review 2011-One Year On Li-Chu Wu
One Year On Li-Chu Wu of Birmingham City University drew me in with her multiple layer papercut jewellery. Particularly loved this nature inspired piece in sultry yellow. Follow Li-Chu Wu on Twitter.

Overall there was an awful lot of wonderful jewellery to look at but it does make me wonder, and worry, how on earth all these graduates will make a living: jewellery is an amazing addition to any girl’s life (and some boy’s…) but jewellery is not a necessity as clothing is. Expensive pieces are bought only seldomly, which is just as well because precious jewellery is incredibly carbon intensive to produce as well as desperately in need of an ethical practice overhaul. Fairtrade gold will only go so far… but I really do hope that this new generation of designers will fly the flag for ethical practice as well as good craft practice.

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: The Best Jewellery Design Graduates

New Designers Melissa Martinson 2
New Designers Melissa Martinson
New Designers part one is a jewellery lover’s paradise. First up this fabulous embroidered jewellery by Melissa Martinson of Huddersfield Uni, who has worked with AIDS sufferers in Africa using local techniques to create something wonderful. All the pieces are checked for quality and the workers paid a fair wage. I love the colours and shapes of these statement necklaces!

New Designers Natalie Adams
This amazing perspex and woven necklace is by Natalie Adams.

New Designers Maisie Welch
Maisie Welch played with resin shapes at Edinburgh College of Art.

ND Emily Gore
Emily Gore made this extravagant affair.

ND Karolina Baines
Karolina Baines used circular shapes to create this unusual neckpiece.

New Designers jade Stimpson
This organic jewellery by Jade Stimpson at Hereford College of the Arts uses unusual materials such as bone.

New Designers Chesca Dowthwaite
Chesca Dowthwaite created bold silver rings with deep bowls.

New Designers Amelia Hales
Lasercut jewellery by Amelia Hales at Nottingham Trent Uni was ‘inspired by china, made in the U.K.’

New Designers Katie whittaker 2
New Designers Katie whittakerNew Designers Katie whittaker
I absolutely loved this multi media jewellery by Katie Whittaker at Bath School of Art and Design.

New Designers Venice AW
Birmingham City Uni always turns out a selection of brilliant fine jewellery designers: and it is clearly a popular destination for Chinese students wishing to make the most of the burgeoning luxury market at home. This stunning gold necklace is by Venice AW.

New Designers Vanessa Zou
Jewellery by Vanessa Zou takes a more abstract turn.

New Designers Jing Jocelyn He
As does this Blooming collection by Jing Jocelyn He.

New Designers Rachel Codd
New Designers Rachel Codd 2
Ceramic jewellery by Rachel Codd at Cardiff Met is a successful marriage of the beautiful and the surreal. And she was also selling small pendant versions on her stand (available on etsy here), a clever business-savvy move.

New Designers Naoise Fitzgerald
These bright brooches are by Naoise Fitzgerald at the Dublin National College of Art and Design.

New Designers Senak
Resin pendants by Senak at UCA Rochester make a fun statement.

New Designers mary temilola
Mary Temilola made architectural enamelled necklace designs.

New Designers Sinead Toner
I loved the work of Glasgow College of Art students. This is sweetness made bold by Sinead Toner.

New Designers Maisie ford
And a brilliant use of variegated materials by Maisie Ford.

New Designers Maliha Khan
These chunky rings are by Maliha Khan.

Checkie Ieong showcased delicate and unusual jewellery.

ND Ieva Mikitaite
Ieva Mikitaite was a precious metal award winner for her delicate expanding jewellery. Very clever!

New designers Rachel Blair
Textural jewellery by Rachel Blair featured strange organic shapes.

New designers Chloe Michell
Enamel silver bowls by Chloe Michell at Plymouth University were part of a very strong collection.

ND Megan Maggie Gray
Over at Duncan of Jordanstone I liked these very wearable but unusual rings and earrings by Megan Gray.

New Designers Dione Bowlt
New Designers Dione Bowlt
Clever gold dipped porcelain earrings by Dione Boult are a great way to hang statement jewels without too much pressure on the ear!

ND Leah Orford
It turns out there were a couple of great designers I missed out on with my first review of the Middlesex University jewellery graduate show. Leah Orford makes jewellery that could double as sculpture.

ND Aelita Pluiskyte
Aelita Pluiskyte created an eye-catching display with her silicone necklaces.

ND Elizabeth Gray jewellery
This Elizabeth Gray necklace was inspired by crystals and microscopic sections.

ND nichakan jewellery
Organic shapes are the inspiration behind Nichakan jewellery.

ND kiki tang
At The Cass I liked floral enamel twig earrings by Kiki Tang.

ND Lynn Tunney
And lastly these playful necklaces are by Lynn Tunney.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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