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swanton bombs

Swanton Bombs are endearing to listen to. I think it is because every now and then they unleash a slightly out of tune yelp, about it or because they play fast and loose. It feels as though they play with gut instinct.

The numerous (broad) influences this band has – glam, see punk, generic rock – can make them feel warmly familiar. At their best, they remain as influences, with Swanton Bombs successfully finding their own voice.

Despite, being a two piece, they refuse to be locked into on mode of playing. Their songs are dynamic, and feel like they have split them successfully into well formed sections.


The middle tracks on Mumbo Jumbo & Murder are absolute gems, however, on the peripheries on either side that, the album tracks lose clarity. Swanton Bombs become lost among their influences, and feel like they are trying to knock them together, rather than making them gel. There are also riffs which are seconds long deviating from the song’s progression, which come across as unexplainable to why they are there.

I conclude on my better thoughts of Swanton Bombs: Yes, there are a couple of songs I am dismissive of, however, it does not take away from the songs which are dynamic, fun, and instinctively good.

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