Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Art & Design Show 2014: Fine Art Exhibition Review

Free range lydia reeves
Dominance, Power and Serene Harmony (1) by Lydia Reeves.

It’s late I know, but I have just one more review left from a summer of graduate shows; the Free Range Art & Design Show Fine Art exhibition at the Truman Brewery. This is always a mixed bag but there were many things to delight at this year’s show.

Free Range Marjan Saberi, Renunciation
At Northumbria University show Marjan Saberi took a modern view of Renunciation with life size paintings grabbing the viewer at the entrance.

Free Range Max Harrison
It was not saying anything particularly new but I could not help but be drawn to Max Harrison’s huge splatter paint installation.

Free Range Sean Halcrow-cook installation
Sean Halcrow-Cook used wigs, extrusions and kitsch oddments to create an outsized site specific installation in the light well. It shouldn’t have worked but it somehow did.

Free Range Ryan Dovenor
Ryan Dovenor used delicate lines on black to create whirling sliced hypnotic illustrations.

Free Range Dogs, by Liam Sanders
Dogs were the theme for a large painting by Liam Sanders.

Free Range installation by Emma Trenchard
Oddly beautiful light installation by Emma Trenchard.

Free Range newcastle poster
I particularly loved the hand screen printed posters for the Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show, where a certain abstract style prevailed that I was drawn to.

Free Range Phil Frankland
Phil Frankland’s globes of juicy colour were slashed and rearranged into oddly familiar shapes.

Free Range Joseph Christa Michael
Joseph Christa Michael’s abstractions reminded me of paintings by Francis Bacon: fleshy with meat colouring.

Free Range newcastle 2
Free Range newcastle
I sadly did not get the names of all the artists at Newcastle but I liked the paintings above too. Get in touch if you know who I should credit them to!

Free range traci moss
Free range traci moss buttons
Free range traci moss animals
Northbrook College put on another strong exhibition. I was very intrigued by this curious little button person by Traci Moss. She also stuffed and dressed a variety of large animals to bold effect.

Free Range Hannah Lucy Whitlock
Hannah Lucy Whitlock’s splurgy daubs tapped into a popular aesthetic this year.

Free range Laura Patience
These chewed-up sweets spilling out of a stuffed chick are a commentary on the use of colour to make the repugnant appealing, by Laura Patience.

Free range Megan Ilet Mackie
Megan Ilet Mackie recycled old crockery for her toppling towers.

Free range Birds by Penni Pierce
These tactile ceramic birds are by Penni Pierce at University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury.

free range bath spa
This was at the entrance to the Bath Spa University exhibition space when I looked around – not a good look!

Free range Abigail Winter
Abigail Winter pictured friends and family in a gigantic photorealist paintings.

Free range toby lennox hilton
Toby Lennox Hilton made pixelated art inspired by digital images gone wrong. Grrrr, I know this pain all too well.

Free range Charlotte Lewis fabric tunnel
Charlotte Lewis created this colourful fabric tunnel.

free range painting
I really really loved these paintings by Becky Dodds, who is inspired by the transient nature of landscapes. The paint seems to be transforming in front of the viewer’s eyes and is just beautiful up close.

free range notes
Free range moon
Betty Hall really opened her heart in this anecdotal collection of miniature artworks.

Free range lydia reeves penis
Arts University Bournemouth students were notable for their professional online presence: other fine art courses could learn a thing or two. Lydia Reeves‘ loving depictions of penises are not for those of a nervous disposition, but I find them oddly beautiful.

Free range kerry fairclough
Kerry Fairclough’s kitsch paintings depict the everyday elements of life with deep affection. An Englishman’s Home is His Castle indeed.

Free range sam taylor
For Sam Taylor Size Matters, in this surreal manifestation of strange creatures with peculiar phallas cavorting on an altar.

Finally, I fell for this moving light installation by Sophie Newton, with a projection on rounded objects that reminded me of eyeballs and jellyfish.

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