Amelia’s Magazine | Maz O’Connor & Marry Waterson collaborate on an animated video for Awake Awake

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Folk singer songwriter Maz O’Connor releases the first single from her much hailed album This Willowed Light accompanied by a beautiful animated video by fellow folk star Marry Waterson. I asked Maz to tell me a bit more about the project.

I found the song in The Full English Collection, which was being put online by the English Folk Dance and Song Society for public access while I was a BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellow with them last year. It’s an English version of the well-known American folk song The Silver Dagger, but I’d never heard anyone sing these particular words before. I’ve given the words a new tune, too.

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Marry Waterson was recommended to me by a friend. I had a look at her stuff and I thought her quirky style and beautiful animation would work really well with the song, as its production is a bit unusual, using harmonium, trumpet and wine glasses…

Maz O'Connor video
I love what she’s come up with: she really pays attention to bringing out the story, and as that’s what catches my attention in songs, I’m really glad her video might bring the narrative out more clearly for listeners/viewers.

Waterson says that “It was a lovely project to work on with Maz, fusing together the traditional and contemporary feel of the song together with the visual style… I was taken with the imagery in this song, as soon as I heard it I could see the animation unfolding. I suggested we fashion the girl in the video to resemble Maz and made her a dress using the Willow pattern to tie in with the album.

To celebrate the release of her album Maz O’Connor played an internet gig from her London living room, singing ancient songs alongside her own compositions via the wonders of technology to fans as far flung as the US. This Willowed Light by Maz O’Connor was released earlier this week on Wild Sound Recordings.

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