Amelia’s Magazine | Swansea Metropolitan University Ba Hons Photography Graduate Show 2011 Review

Lowri Davies Swansea
Photography by Lowri Davies.

Swansea Metropolitan University had a very strong selection of exploratory photographic works on the walls at Free Range.

Swansea Metropolitan University London degree show Free Range 2011-Lowri Davies
Lowri Davies Swansea trees
Lowri Davies Swansea field
Lowri Davies used a Lomo to create a large scale mural of a bleak city scene, visit a figure just blurrily seen moving back and forth by a park bench. She used the same technique for photos taken on a woodland walk and in a corn field.

Rachel Bond SwanseaRachel Bond SwanseaRachel Bond Swansea
Rachel Bond photographed objects from her Grandma’s home that recalled the elegant lady she was before she lost her mind to dementia, placing them alongside poignant notes laid against lacy net curtains. ‘I think I am forgetting to eat‘ read one scrawled note.

Marie Helgesen
Swansea Metropolitan University London degree show Free Range 2011-Marie Helgesen
Marie Helgesen tackled movement in her series Transitory, which followed three subjects as they took their everyday mundane journeys… the frames constantly billowing and changing as their locations moved ever so slightly… the continuous blurring not quite stills photography and not quite film.

Pål Henrik EkernSwansea Metropolitan University London degree show Free Range 2011-Pål Henrik Ekern
Pål Henrik Ekern explored male identity and representation in his series, Divisions, the composites a fusion of statuesque presence and grotesque parody.

Swansea Metropolitan University London degree show Free Range 2011-Swansea Metropolitan University London degree show Free Range 2011-Ericca Rochard
Using a pinhole camera Ericca Rochard shot panoramic views of familiar scenes to recreate the magical feeling of places associated with childhood memories.

Irene Fearnside
Irene Fearnside explored the way in which we see artwork once it is in a gallery situation – by taking photographs of old portrait paintings that embrace the surrounding reflections and light sources. It’s an interesting concept given that for my blogs I’ve also been taking photos of photos. How something is presented, the lighting, location and surroundings, can have a profound effect on the way we view it. Which is a fact well worth noting.

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