Amelia’s Magazine | Let’s Go Extinct: Fanfarlo introduce the video for current single Cell Song

The Cell by Gemma Cotterell

The Cell by Gemma Cotterell.

Fanfarlo‘s released their stunning third album Let’s Go Extinct back in February. As the title suggests the lyrics were inspired by human evolution and possible futures, ideas that have been melded into big beautiful pop songs. Here founding member Simon Balthazar introduces their new single, Cell Song:

Cell Song is a song about the body. Most of us think of ourselves as an individual, a unity. Some sort of lone spirit living inside the head of a soft machine. But really we are the product of billions of little organisms that at one point decided that they were better off together, and so gave up their independence and joined together in a pact for survival. Maybe this constant noise of thoughts could be thought of as the incessant nattering and negotiating of all those billions of little creatures trying to settle their differences and act as one.

Fanfarlo, Cell Song by Tom Watson

Fanfarlo, Cell Song by Tom Watson.

Fanfarlo portrait

It’s a beautiful thing, how the body is at once one and many. Like an evolutionary love story.

The video sees Ewan Jones Morris employ his prodigious imagination and thousands of individually inkjet-printed sheets of paper to create a surreal stop-motion world, teeming with bizarre cutouts from childhood science fiction and story books, and a cast of topsy-turvy biology gone decidedly strange.

Fanfarlo by Emma Jackson

Fanfarlo by Emma Jackson.

Fanfarlo-Let's Go Extinct album cover

Fanfarlo‘s new album Let’s Go Extinct is out now on New World Records.

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